The Scottish Highlands are lands of legends, legendary battles, heroes, villains, monsters, and spectacular castles. The Highlands of Scotland are filled with hundreds of exciting stories and beautiful landscapes.

To begin your journey through the Scottish Highlands, you can start from Wester Ross, a place between cliffs. You will be able to contemplate the great valleys crossed by small hills full of trees.

At Loch Maree, the fourth largest lake in Scotland, you can visit some of the islands once populated by the Celtic Druids. On Maree Island, the sacred trees that these priests worshiped, according to legend, remain. You will also find the remains of a chapel, a cemetery, and a well. On the shore of the loch, you can visit the fishing village of Gairloch, one of the most beautiful in the Scottish Highlands.

At Inverewe Gardens, a botanical garden on the shores of Loch Ewe, you will be in for a big surprise. Hundreds of tropical plants grow in this place thanks to the warm currents of the Gulf that create a microclimate. This allows you to find tropical plants at this point, which, to give you an example, is further north of Moscow.

But without a doubt, the most iconic lake in the Scottish Highlands is Loch Ness. It is not only known for being the home of a famous monster, but also for the beautiful green landscape that surrounds the water. Also, on the shore stand the ruins of Urquhart Castle, which has awakened many legends throughout history.

On the way to Ullapool, one of the most important cities in the Highlands of Scotland, you can see the Mesach waterfall, 46 meters high. From here you can travel to Durness Beach and Smoo Caves. Inside these caves, formed by the erosion of seawater, you will find a beautiful waterfall no less than 20 meters high.

Then you will continue your journey to Thurso, the northernmost town on the island of Great Britain. From this important port, you can embark to see the best-kept treasure of the Scottish Highlands, the Orkney Archipelago.

These islands, more than 70 in total, are full of archaeological sites, among which Skara Brae, a beautiful city of more than 5,000 years perfectly preserved; the Ring of Brogdar, which is known as the Scottish 'Stonenghe'; and Maes Howe, a burial mound designed so that each winter solstice, the sun illuminates its central aisle. These monuments are declared a World Heritage Site.

In Inverness, the capital of the Highlands of Scotland and its most important city, you will find several superb castles, such as Cawdor or Inverness Castle itself. It also has two beautiful churches, the Cathedral of San Andrés or the Old High Church.

But you won't be able to leave the Highlands behind without learning how one of the country's most important and well-known products is made: whiskey. You will have the privilege of knowing the secrets of the manufacture of this alcoholic drink, and of course and if you want, enjoy the exquisite taste of authentic Scotch whiskey.

Feel free to start a beautiful journey through the Scottish Highlands, a true treasure trove of history, legends, and landscapes of great beauty.

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The Scottish Highlands are just as beautiful as you've imagined. Here are my tips for exploring the best of the highlands on your Scotland trip.