Throughout my entire life, I have experienced every doubt, every torment, every inner struggle with all the difficult decision that one has to make to enjoy the wisdom that I presently have. It was a journey of self discovery. In a way, I choose to experience in my soul all the difficulties occurring on the path of knowledge of the ordinary and extraordinary consciousness. When one struggles to obtain truth, the next part is to know what to do with that truth. I feel now is the time to express and formulate this wisdom into words to inspire and elevate a new paradigm for existence.

Within my ordinary path of knowledge, I found nothing to create for me how to find peace and happiness. A great question filled my mind as I was growing up. This questioning guided me into the spiritual world. I was surprised to find the spiritual world had a guardian blocking my way. I now know that this was a type of protection which was in place until I was ready to enter that world.

At first, I used to try to use my conscious mind to try to enter the spiritual world. But the conscious mind only prepared me with what I had read or heard from another and was not my truth. This included all my beliefs and fears that were handed down from previous generations. What I experienced was what the ego wanted me to experience. That was illusion and false and full of fear. So I realized that all the knowledge that I acquired had no value in getting to the spiritual world. I noticed that my mind was full of fear and from what I observed, that fear grew in every increasing ways. Through the law of attraction what ever I put attention on and clouded it with belief, always happened at some level and at a time I was able to recognize that I created it. Over time, some of these experiences were lived by me. Some of these experiences were so intense that they imprinted fear into my subconscious mind (which I call the Book of Life).

On examination, I notice that I lived in two worlds. The first world been my conscious mind and the second world been my subconscious mind. Daily I recognized the self talk going on within my mind. I became the witness of my habitual thought patterns. It was within my subconscious that I realized I would find my fear, my beliefs and what I accepted as truth. I noticed that my five senses gave me my perception of the physical world. Hence, logic and reasoning were my tools, but I also occasionally had a glimpse of intuition coming from another part of me. That gave me the ability to act spontaneously while at the same time reaching a certain awareness of direct knowing. This happened through inner knowing and came with feelings of love through out my body.

With the years rolling on, my questioning came from deep within me. At about that time I started to meditate which for me was self-contemplation of who I was. My meditation was focused on the process of how I came to be. In my mind of what I read, I knew that God was the Creator of everything. The question I had been, “How did God create anything?” When I looked around I saw a fantastic world full of riches, land and people. After a while, I realized that God is everything, what was manifested and what would be manifested. I also realized that people were made in the likeness and image of God. So God must be both masculine and feminine in nature. As I look around, I see both of these two natures everywhere, so how does God create? In the Bible, God is eternal and constantly creating through His people. This made me think how does God communicate to people? Before meditation, I could not communicate with God. Then during meditation, I realized that God and Goddess create through self-contemplation by projecting creative ideas on to his people. The human race was meant to pick up the projected ideas coming from the “Father Mother God” by feeling them and effortlessly thinking them into existence. I noticed that artists and creative people including writers and music people all have the ability to receive inspiration. This all encompassing universal consciousness is individualized in the human being. Your individualized consciousness when recognized by you is called “self-realization” or “self-consciousness awareness”.

Because of the fall from grace, or the loss of paradise from the Garden of Eden, your self conscious being has the ability of free will and the ability to choose beliefs through feeling and action. It is the choice of putting your thoughts before the feelings which creates the apparent reality that we presently have. Instead I tried to put my feelings of love before any thought and allow through non resistance from my mind, by guiding the ideas to a place of acceptance and create better thoughts through love. This made me look at consciousness and the method of thinking that had been handed down from generation to generation. It is when the individualized energy of information is diluted down with fear that we as co-creators materialized our very thoughts. These thoughts are fueled by the emotion of fear or love. Remember, communication is always available in the silence within. This is where you will receive the wisdom and you can apply this new understanding of basic universal laws to your life.

It is by stilling the mind in meditation, which will lead everybody to discover and utilize the origin of power, health, happiness, courage and zeal to build for yourself the life of your dreams. Your individualized self-consciousness is within the core of your being. The trick is how to harmonize the activity of the individual consciousness with that of the universal consciousness. This is achieved by merging the heart and mind together and at the same time taken guidance from what you feel and start to communicate the potentialities of what could exist, will start to manifest. This leads to harmony of thoughts through feeling which will result in right action and deed. So you see, we actually perceive the world within by our intuition and imagination and we should be capable of listening to the voice of our own spirit self not one’s own fear based mind. It is the fear based thoughts which create a total false perception by the ego who does not want to listen to it own spirit self. It is the ego’s impatient of wants and lack of understanding that we are all one. Instead, it uses the intellect to give it life and survival. At the same time it creates a sense of lack and deficient ideas that human being are not enough and forgetting the pure soul within, which is the Christ Self of infinite consciousness and is eternal. So the world due to its lack of attention to meditation has failed to resurrect the consciousness that was to be shared among everyone within the mind of our heavenly parents. The natural order of creation has been reversed due to this failure. Instead of the Christ mind we have in its place the antichrist. We create instead with our present limited helpless and ignorant understanding of our own give minds. It is like having a battered up car that is used while you let the BMW sit because you are unaware of the beauty and power that you posses.

As I said before, we, as individual, egos are creating war on God and Goddess. But with the every increasing discoveries of the ability of the mind which Science is becoming aware, and with new discoveries, new truth will prevail. It is with the limited consciousness of the ego, which creates separation of mind that one would be wise to resurrect anew to nurture the infant child, “the Christ Self”. Resurrect your peace from the restlessness of an every increasing ego protecting what is not real or truth. Then, surely you will be on your way to denouncing weakness and human attachment to illusion of limitation.

Daily be resurrected with Christ light as you take your individual conscious and merge with the illuminating light of Christ consciousness within your meditation. Be inspired and sustained in the wisdom of the transparent purity which will build for you the ability to manifest your spiritual powers to lift the soul beyond fear and fear based ideas and associated feelings that come with such thoughts. Ask yourself one question. Do you want to let your mind to be crucified with all the trials and temptations which you under go daily due to your lack of ability to have the inner eyes and ears to open to the truth of the existence of your immortal soul. This is the journey of everyone. Start to day to begin to be a self resurrected soul who chooses to awaken your spiritual ardor through self contemplation within meditation and resurrect into the consciousness of the absolute known of the peace and beauty of the soul. We all choose to take this journey or not from the natural state of human consciousness, which is based on fear and the associated feelings to create within our consciousness the Christ mind where untold peace and joy await the weary traveler.
By: Malcolm McAuliffe

Author's Bio: 

For over three decades Malcolm has supported the development of Christ-consciousness for his students. Many people have become aware of their own heart sense. Malcolm calls this been aware of the Diamond heart of God. As in the beginning there was purity, just like the purity of the Diamond, where all molecules were perfect until we allow our focus to create fear, Then though deficient thoughts fear was cultured and adopted by all. This fear was then hand down from one generation to another. It was also used to control others. This created the world we have to day.The Diamond and the heart create unity between thoughts and feelings. This awareness allows one to live in the now moment. Malcolm specialty is the wisdom that has become his knowing.