Where with the systematic way, the chemical elements are discussed is known as ‘periodic table’ or periodic table is a tabular arrangement of all the known chemical elements. The periodic table comprises of all the elements known till the date. The chemical elements are arranged there to know them in better manner. The person behind this invention is the Russian scientist named, Dmitri Mendeleev. The periodic table has experienced many changes since its invention. In studies in chemistry, the periodic table plays a crucial role as it allows the student to learn the chemical elements easily. In the periodic table, elements are arranged with increasing atomic number. They are arranged from left to right.

These chemical are mined from rare earth elements mine and provided to the numerous industries for domestic and commercial purposes or productions.

For any chemical elements, its atomic mass and atomic number are two crucial properties. The number of protons present in the core of the atom of the element is known as its atomic number. On the other hand, the abstraction of neutron mass, electron mass and proton mass an atom of the element is known to be atomic mass. For every element, there are unique atomic numbers. The elements have given with an atomic symbol using abbreviations. For many of the chemical elements, their symbols are in Latin.

In periodic table, periods and groups are two crucial aspects. Periods are the horizontal rows and the groups are the vertical columns. These two aspects of the periodic table are very crucial to classify the elements.

From the largest rare earth elements to smallest in terms of their atomic number and atomic mass, all are kept in the periodic table to understand them in better manner.

The atomic symbol is the abbreviation of the chemical element in the form of one or two letters. Many of the atomic symbols are shortened Latin names of these chemical elements. To mine these elements, rare earth elements mine establishes its team and professional workers and hold a research and development program to lead the mining activities without any flaw.

3rd, 6th and 7th periods of the periodic table are for rare earth elements. These include elements such as Uranium, Curium, Cerium, Europium etc. Largest rare earth elements in terms of its production for a particular country are Canada, China, Australia, South Africa and many more.

The metals are grouped in categories such as alkaline earth metals, alkali metals, noble gases, transition metals etc.

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