It is completely and utterly amazing what can occur when you begin holding yourself accountable through the power of the written word. Magnificent things can begin to happen in your life when you record your daily on-goings. Not only are you sometimes documenting your future and creating your potential story, you are constructing your history and that is a priceless tool in which to reflect upon.

Keeping a journal, especially when you are trying to lose weight is hugely necessary. The more you document, the more successful you will be at altering and adjusting your lifestyle. It is extremely valid that when you are accountable in writing for the actions you take and the direction that you pursue, you then hold the key to your future. Journaling allows you the power to reflect and what you read is what you’ve done and what you’ve done will be an indicator of what’s to come. Think about it, if you journal nothing, what are you going to get out of it? Nothing. If you journal your voyage you have a wealth of history in which to reflect, therefore giving you the opportunity to adjust your future to meet your health and wellness expectations.

Journaling has many wonderful attributes to offer such as:

~Keeps you focused on your goals.
~Allows you to trace your progress and follow your plan.
~Provides you with an outlet to share your thoughts and feelings.
~Gives you the opportunity to track your triumphs and disappointments.
~Permits the opportunity to monitor and adjust your thoughts and behaviors.
~Bestows you with the power and strength to persevere.

When you allow your inner voice to flow on paper it is priceless what can transpire. Being accountable to you in this manner takes massive amounts of strength to be consistent. It is a proven fact that when women take the time to document their everyday goings on they are the ones that win for them. There’s no time like the present, don’t you think?

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Nothing brings me greater pleasure in life than to assist women on their journey toward better health, enhanced fitness and molding a lifestyle to one that meets their expectations. Coaching Lovely Ladies is a enormous passion of mine and I am completely honored to be able to assist each and every Lovely Lady on their travels of a happy, organized, active, balanced lifestyle. I coach real women who are willing to take real action and reap real results.

Deborah McIncrow
Women’s Health and Fitness Coach