Staying at home and not socializing can make life monotonous and our mind exhausted! However, the start of 2020 brought humanity much suffering through the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, which spread like wildfire worldwide. Offices got closed, people lost their jobs, and schools were closed for a prolonged time. There is still an ongoing debate amongst governments and schools, whether it is safe to open schools this year.  And that makes kids spend ample time at home, which makes it necessary for their parents to manage them carefully.

Jonah Engler shares practical ways to manage kids at home

Kids are restless and want to go out and meet their friends. Staying too long at home can make them feel agitated and depressed. Jonah Engler shares how parents can ensure that their kids are healthy and happy at home during the lockdown. 

  1. Play with them

In school, your kids have the games that they play with their friends. The lockdown has put a halt to it for a while. Hence, to ensure that they don't feel mentally exhausted and show tantrums, take time to play with your kids. You can discover new games, and it will allow you to bond with your child better. Playing games will make staying at home exciting, and they won't feel the pressure of not being able to roam around freely.

  1. Time all activities

Kids usually are used to a routine during the weekdays! Staying at home has a chance to spoil it. Maintaining a schedule helps kids program their minds and bodies in a certain way, leading to complete well-being. Hence, take time to create a routine for your kid and encourage them to follow the same. In the beginning, it might seem like a challenge, but with time they will get better.

  1. Eating healthy and on time

Currently, adults and kids must improve their immune system. It will help them to ward off any bacterial infections. For this, it is necessary to plan their meals on time. Also, make sure that they consume a healthy mix of fruits, vegetables, cereals, and cooked food items to stay agile and fit. A good practice is to train them to eat their lunch as per the school time.

  1. Make exercising enjoyable

Staying at home for a long time can make anyone lethargic. Your kids must do their regular exercise. Since you can't replicate the school ambiance, it is a good idea to exercise along with your kid. You can choose any exercise form, switch on the music that your kid loves and exercise. If you want to add fun, you can dance once in a while instead of practicing yoga or physical movements. It will stimulate their mind and help them stay active.

Last but not least, make sure that your kids talk with their friends weekly. You can arrange a Zoom call or other messenger video chats with their friends. It will help them to stay connected with their best friends and feel happy during the lockdown.



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