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Taking into account that you know what filter tips are, here, you will learn about how to roll them in vivid styles- but without sacrificing any pleasure from your puffs.

In today’s smoking (more specifically ‘weed-ing’ culture), most savvy consumers use tips and roaches interchangeably. A proper tip presents your joint stability and prevents your favourite herb from falling apart. Even if you haven’t rolled one yet; you probably know that it involves using a thick piece of paper.

Depending on the size of your joint, joint tips vary. Plus, it also varies from the way different smokers make one and the filter tips they use. Like- perforated tips, wide tips, gummed tips, etc.

Other options include ready to use glass tips and plastic tips- which doesn’t involve any work at all. 

However, if you are someone who wants to learn the art of rolling joints and its tips, then here’s your guide.

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  • The ZIG & ZAG Joint Tip:-

Starting with the best and also the simplest. Also known as the M-shaped joint tip, you grab the filter and fold it into an accordion at the end.

Then taking the end; you fold it over and begin rolling it between your fingers to form it into a cylinder. When you are finished; you will notice a ‘W’ amid the circle. 

  • The HEART Filter Tip:-

Mastering the above one presents you lots of scope to exhibit your creativity, even making your joint tips- like this Heart shaped tip. To start- take your filter tip and fond back (1 cm) of the filter’s end and using a kebab stick or anything similar, roll the filter paper round a little on either side of the fold to make the top of the heart.

Fold both ends to achieve the heart shape and continue rolling around it.

  • The MERCEDES Filter Tip:-

This is pretty easy to roll. Take your filter tip and proceed to make an accordion. Right when you have achieved four-folds, begin forming the Mercedes insignia (which is an upside-down Y).

Once you have achieved this shape, all you need to do is roll the remaining filter over the design and, VIOLA!- Easy-peasy, right?

  • And Lastly The CANNABIS LEAF Filter Tip:- 

For this you will need a 3cm by 10cm filter tip and about reaching a third of the way; you have to create an accordion and then fold the middle portion more. In that way, when you do unroll it, it will resemble the shape of a cannabis leaf. 

Once the shape is achieved; you need to cut a part of the first fold end to make it smaller than the rest. Then take the opposite end roll it under instead of over, thus leaving some space in-between. Unroll it one more time and then start rolling it a big tightly till the filter is complete. 

To Cap It Off:-

To allow you to create quality tips; you will find numerous suppliers offering quality filter tips under $100.00. Be sure to search for those suppliers online.

And while you are at it, also make time to look for other key items for your joint, like quality unbleached rolling papers with a slow burn rate and promise of a smooth smoke experience. 

However, as weed is getting expensive and difficult to procure by the day, it is also important to use a quality rolling tray to ensure none of your herbs goes to waste.

Hopefully, the above information will prove useful when making the perfectly rolled joint along with the tip style you want. Refer to it and keep visiting for more interesting feeds.

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The author is a supplier of quality smoking accessories like glass tips and rolling tray. The author is also an avid writer who educates the readers on various aspects from the world of smoking and vaping.