Co Parenting
The job of a parent gets a little more complicated if you have to co-parent. One thing that complicates your ability to parent is your job because it may not be as flexible as you need it to be. The following are four jobs to consider to give you a little more freedom.

Call Representative

Yes, you could take a job with a call center so that you can either take calls from customers or call them. The reason this job is flexible is because some companies allow you to complete your work from home. This means you can be with your kids while you work and when you take breaks. Sure, you have to complete your hours, but these companies allow some flexibility regarding the way you split up your day.

Personal Trainer

Those interested in fitness and health may want to consider making it a career. The reality is that you only need a few certifications before you can be a personal trainer and simply work for personal clients. You get to fit them to your schedule, which is great for a parent who may not know what kind of schedule changes may be necessary down the road. You can also become a personal massage therapist or consider other similar jobs.

Event Planner

A parent usually has a pretty good grasp on scheduling and planning. These skills can be quite valuable in certain fields, such as event planning. You can start small, like planning a birthday party or two and graduate to big events like weddings. You get to set your own schedule and make enough money to live comfortably depending on how far you take your career.

Truck Driver

One flexible job to consider is a truck driver. You are going to be able to set your own schedule, especially if you invest in your truck. You can set up the free time, which can be used to do things for your kids. Now, you are going to need a license and a little bit of training. The pay can be good, and you get to travel locally or do long distance driving. You can even get your own freightliner trucks for sale and run your own business.
These are just some of the jobs that can suit your needs, but there are others like a dietitian or a beauty beautician just to name a few. Consider your skills, your passions, and your needs when making your career change.

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