When you join Scentsy you are beginning an opportunity to build a worldwide business. For just $99 you can start a candle business that can grow in all 50 US states, Puerto Rico, Canada, and soon, the UK and Germany. Scentsy is expanding into Europe in the early spring with their wickless candle products. What makes this such a great business venture? To answer this question you need to know more about Scentsy.

Scentsy has been in business since 2004 and is based in Boise, ID. This company that started in a 40ft shipping container on a sheep farm was named the 19th fastest growing company in the US in 2010. They are a direct selling party plan company. Consultants are able to sell at home parties, book parties, fairs and shows, fundraisers, and one on one. Their main focus is home parties, which brings their wonderful products into homes so consumers can experience the product first hand. Once they smell the wonderful Scentsy products in their homes, they are sold on the product. The company now has almost 100,000 active independent consultants throughout the US, Puerto Rico, and Canada. With over $300 million in sales in 2010, this company is making their mark in the candle world.

What makes Scentsy products so unique and popular? Their mainstay products are their candle warmers. Scentsy candle warmers use a low-wattage light bulb to heat small cubes of uniquely formulated wax. These electric warmers come in over 50 styles and colors, to suit every taste. The Scentsy wax bars are available in 80+ scents ranging from bakery, fruits and flowers, and spa; to favorites like Sun kissed Citrus and Clean Breeze. This unique and safe candle warmer has no soot, no smoke, no flame; only wonderful scent filling the air. This is a product consumers have been looking for. This product scents wonderfully, but eliminates the dangers of having an open flame in their home.

Another benefit to Scentsy products is that they are consumable, making this a huge opportunity in the direct selling world. People will buy Scentsy because they love it, not because they need to fulfill a monthly quota. You are able to build a great clientele of repeat customers, which becomes a long term business that can continue for years to come.

The biggest benefit to selling Scentsy is the opportunity to build a team. You can sponsor new consultants to join Scentsy and they become part of your business. You are able to earn a team bonus off their sales and also make a sales bonus off of your personal sales as you build a down line and a team.

Joining Scentsy is easy. To get started you just purchase the $99 Starter Kit and you will have everything you need to host your first party. The kit comes with over $200 worth the Scentsy products and business supplies. It is a great deal and such an inexpensive way to start your own business!

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This article was written by Lisa Murdock Scentsy Independent Consultant.

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