Johnson & Johnson Onetouch Select Simple Test Strips refer to testing strips widely used for measuring blood glucose levels at home or on the go. Johnson & Johnson Onetouch Select Simple Test Strips is a brand owned and managed by renowned healthcare player Johnson & Johnson. As part of their commitment towards delivery of convenient and affordable healthcare, the strips are a relatively recent development for use as integral components to their blood glucose level measuring device, the ‘onetouch ultra’ series of glucometers.

It is perhaps necessary that patients affected with Diabetes must routinely test concentration of blood glucose at various times during the day. Monitoring of blood glucose levels at frequent, paced out intervals during the day ensures gauging whether blood glucose concentrations in the body is steady or not. Such timely monitoring helps the patient in maintaining control over the type and time of his meals, the different kinds of exercises the patient routinely needs to undertake oneself for maintaining fit and healthy lifestyle and most vital, provides direction to the patient in correctly ascertaining the timeliness of insulin injections during the span of the day.

Johnson & Johnson Onetouch Select Simple Test Strips is operated in a style that is largely similar to various other brands available in the market. As is typical to its name, it is extremely convenient and quick to use. From an appearance perspective, it is like any other testing strip that is associated with blood glucose level monitoring devices. The testing strip needs to be interfaced with the device for the device to measure and report the concentration of blood glucose level within the body.

There are important advantages that are intrinsic to the Johnson & Johnson Onetouch Select Simple Test Strips. First, it is designed to handle very small quantities of blood. However, in tandem with the device, it will not commence upon the process of measuring unless the minimum level of blood drop is placed on the testing strip. This helps eliminating errors in computing results at all times. Second, the earlier practice of assigning codes to every strip after the results were computed has been removed. Patients can now safely carry out the tests without too much worrying about wrong codifications. The modern day convenience is using the strips plays an important role in reducing the effort and time required from a patient to get oneself regularly checked for blood glucose levels. It can easily be deployed on the go or from the convenience of the home. Third, the Johnson & Johnson Onetouch Select Simple Test Strip does not consider the blood sugars that without glucose. This immensely helps in lowering errors in calculation. Fourth, the strips can be used either way; that is patients need not keep in mind as to which end of the strip is to be inserted to the device. This helps in reducing cost of testing strips, by eliminating unwanted wastage. And finally, the strips come in a new package that offers protection from all kinds of contamination. This additional packaging and hence, protection must not, however, be considered as a substitute to washing of hands with soap solution before touching the strips with bare hands.

The following comprises a quick list of dos and don’ts with Johnson & Johnson Onetouch Select Simple Test Strips:
• The strips need to be stored in a cool and dark place, preferably within temperature settings below 30 degrees Celsius.
• Whereas the strips should not be exposed to direct sunlight, they are not be kept in a refrigerator.
• As is common to all medical devices, the strips need always be stored within the supplied vial and are to be used before expiry.

The only difficulty that patients face with Johnson & Johnson Onetouch Select Simple Test Strips (or for that matter with any kind of testing strip) is the steady outflow of cash towards buying and using the disposable strips. Individual strips may be not be expensive but as patients need to use a number of them in regular intervals, the cumulative costs go up.

It is necessary to mention here that cost of preventive healthcare is much less when compared to cost of medical treatment for critical illness. Diabetes itself can result to kidney failures over a period of time. This can happen with neglect; with a patient trying to save money by reducing the periodicity of tests. However, the cost of critical kidney care, especially the process of dialysis, is prohibitively expensive and far exceeds that of testing strips.

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Johnson Johnson Onetouch Select Simple Test Strips are specially engineered to be used with the One Touch Select Meter for quantitatively measuring glucose in fresh capillary whole blood. These strips and meter are intended for self testing outside. It is being used widely by professionals in clinic as well as people with diabetes in home. It offers an effective and accurate reading which helps you control diabetes.