Impactful leadership begins with a strategy that is clear, compelling, supported by thoughtful analysis and designed to deliver competitive advantages, and is followed by an unwavering focus on execution. Strong execution relies on finding the right people and creating the right environment for them to succeed. Great leaders believe that it is pivotal to the company’s success to place confidence in their team, empower them and let experts in relevant fields be out in front on critical initiatives or in conversations with stakeholders to solve problems.

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Inspiring leaders often work hard and let success be their voice. They lead by example and results. John Thero, CEO of Amarin Corporation, is one such exemplary leader. John and his team at Amarin Corporation look for people who have “can do” attitudes, who are smart, and John Thero have successful track records. They focus on outputs more than inputs. They create environments where people have room to be creative, solve problems and flourish.

Rejecting the Herd Mentality

The pharma industry today tends to prioritize innovation around specialized condition areas like rare diseases. Such innovation is certainly needed and worthwhile.
Unfortunately, other conditions that are prevalent and costly in our society are consequently getting less attention. Chronic conditions such as cardiovascular and pulmonary disorders are especially neglected given lengthy time frames needed to develop therapies and limitations on patent protection, which combine to disincentivize drug development. 

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