In this volatile business world, a few companies genuinely embrace change and encourage new teammates to become leaders and challenge the status quo, which is what Joël Richer sought when he interviewed at Emco Corporation.

Joël is the National Health & Safety Leader at Emco, where he is determined to oversee the Health, Safety, and Wellness program for over 2500 employees across Canada. He coordinates with Profit Center Managers across the nation helping them to become more efficient by streamlining operations and putting controls in place to protect their assets, people, and customers.

Joël has influenced numerous people in his life and continues to do so with his sheer dedication through his work. His hard work and perseverance gained him the knowledge and experience to improve his expertise in Risk Management and Health & Safety.

In our endeavor to find 40 influencers under 40, we at Insights Success came a business magazine online across Joël Richer and got into a conversation to know in-depth about his journey as the National Health & Safety Leader and unveil the distinct possibilities in the near future. Let’s dive in straight away.

Leading the Up-and-Coming Entrepreneurs

Joël advises budding leaders and entrepreneurs to continually invest in themselves, work hard, be ambitious, and, most importantly, be authentic.
“The key to success is building powerful alignment with others, and to do that, you must be approachable, genuine, and stand for what you believe is the most progressive path forward in both business and life,” concludes Joël.

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