The use of asbestos in manufacturing and construction became regulated in the 1970s. However, asbestos continues to threaten modern workers’ lives. Fortunately, there are many qualified mesothelioma attorneys available to help protect your rights.

Basically, the types of workers who are still at risk for asbestos exposure are those whose occupations require them to work with older materials or in buildings that were built before this asbestos regulation. If you have been employed or work in these industries and you have been diagnosed with an asbestos related disease, talk to mesothelioma lawyers to discuss your legal options.?


Asbestos can be found in attic and wall insulation, cement, insulation pipe, and other materials in older buildings and homes. When old insulation materials are disturbed, a worker could be exposed to deadly asbestos fibers. Should you be diagnosed with mesothelioma, find mesothelioma attorneys who are experienced and compassionate to help you receive the maximum potential compensation for your injuries.

Construction Industry

The mesothelioma resource site identifies many types of construction workers who are high risk of exposure. This includes the construction supervisor, wire puller, crane operator, plumber, and HVAC installer. Even the tiniest amount of exposure to asbestos could result in the fatal disease known as mesothelioma. Know your legal rights – find seasoned mesothelioma attorneys who have deep knowledge of mesothelioma laws. These mesothelioma attorneys know how to protect your rights in court and will fight to obtain fair compensation for your injuries.

Iron and Steel Industry

Iron and steel workers at job sites with buildings constructed before the 1980s face possible asbestos exposure. If you have worked in these industries, it is advised that you get regular check up for any sign of asbestos disease.

If you are diagnosed with mesothelioma, your time to contact mesothelioma lawyers may be limited. States have statutes of limitations regarding filing of claims. Any delay could mean forfeiting your rights to file a claim.

The mesothelioma lawyers of Baron and Budd, PC have been helping mesothelioma clients for more than 30 years. They have also invested time and effort to identify workers who are at risk for asbestos exposure. You can view the complete list on their resource site,

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