The dramatic changes we've seen in the job market in the last four years highlight the reality that the tried-and-true methods of finding a job will no longer suffice. They should remain a solid part of your plan, but they don’t provide an adequate amount of exposure to potential employers – let alone attract them to you.
Standing out is the key

Most people’s job searches fail because they can't get on the radar of the right hiring manager. They're simply left behind because they failed to get noticed – even though they where well qualified – perhaps even the best qualified.

And I'm hear to ask you to please press on! Do not keep banging your head against the same wall. Try something new – even if it's only a different wall. Do more of what works and less of what doesn't every day, AND add new tactics as often as possible.

I often see people fail after trying something once or twice and give up. Or fail because they ask a friend or spouse what they thought about their "crazy idea" or tactic – and they tell them it won't work – so they drop it and don't even try. When in reality their friend had no flipping idea whether it would or not but felt compelled to answer because they were asked OR wanted to save their friend the heartache of failure. Who needs friends like that.
Don't give up too easily.

Well, a lot of famous people have been told NO or NEVER or FORGET ABOUT IT! And they did they forgot about the bad advice and pressed on. This video is meant to remind you of those who have gone before you and failed and failed and failed and then got what they were after.

In today's red hot job market – getting noticed is the key to getting the interview and the interview is key to getting hired. Most job hunting books fail because they don't address the hard stuff. They skip the part between “designing a resume” and “the face-to-face interview”. You know the tricky setting up of the first meeting.
Guerrilla's do it better

Well getting noticed and getting the first meeting is what guerrilla job hunters do best. So go guerrilla. Be outrageous. Safe – but outrageous. Pursue your dream job the exact same intensity you'd chase a bus if you dropped your winning lotto ticket on the floor on the way out. Put that kind of focus and energy in to everything you do while you're job hunting AND guess what – you will be successful!
Take some risks and don't give up when you DO fail – just get over it and go again.


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How can you take your job hunting skills to the highest level of success? David Perry, an expert on job search and recruiting gives you the number one secret to landing your dream job.