After MBA with specialisations in Finance, Marketing, HR, systems and Operations what all carrier options students have are discussed in this article. Which rewarding careers are offered by industries to these MBA students ? What are job profiles, descriptions of Jobs and the type of profiles offered? Which are the reputed and popular companies and which are well known companies in which jobs are given to MBA students?

Today in an era of ever-increasing competition maximum number of jobs and profiles that companies have prescribed are in area of sales and marketing Therefore, MBAs with marketing specialisation are more sought after then Finance, Operation and HR in that order with minor change in percentage year after year.

Types of industries and roles offered to Marketing specialisation students : A wide variety of jobs in industries such as Information technology ,media, retail IT enabled services, Banking, Hospitality, and FMCG (Fast moving consumer goods) offer a wide variety of jobs.

Jobs are available with different functional positions such as sales manager, marketing manager, market research analyst, brand manager, media Planner, digital marketing manager and internet marketing manager. For promotion and development of Brands whatever activities are carried out ,brand manager is responsible and he also has the responsibility of collecting, and analysing the data of competitors Brands.

Sales targets and monitoring sales activities, distribution and customer services are planned and decided by a sales manager

Deciding marketing strategy and keeping focus on retaining customers is job of the marketing manager. Delivery of products to customers, attaining profitability and market growth of products are all managed by product manager

The methods of data collection, analysis of data, communication and utilisation of data by the business development team and then deciding marketing strategies from the data are all suggested and devised by market research analyst.

Decisions about various ways of advertising products and plan for marketing team for achieving targets is required to be done by a media planner

There are various ways of marketing through web avenues such as marketing through social media, pay per click marketing, SEO search engine optimisation, development of content for website etc. An internet online marketing manager has to take care of these all responsibilities. Salary offered to MBA student and his career progress depend on his ability and competence to innovate. For example innovative marketing manager may get elevated to position of manager- product development and even marketing –vice president or Chief executive officer after certain span of duration. Some of well known brand offering such positions for marketing students in US are Amazon, IBM, L’Oreal, and Pepsico those offer jobs in marketing where Indian companies offering more jobs with marketing profile which are more popular in Management Institutes are Vodaphone, Oppo, Amazon, Godrej, , VIP, Accenture, and few Private sector Banks.

Students need to understand that more job profiles in the initial years of their carrier are with sales profile and they should get that understanding of customers, field, expectation, managing relationship with customers for retention, achieving target sales, Meeting clients B to B or B to C sales, Sales calls, Customers calls are all expectations of corporates in the initial years. Being energetic and Young these MBA students are required to work on fields and many times students with market specialisation expect a Air-conditioned cabin as they have MBA qualification is not reality. Once the climb the ladder and with their experience position they further can have all those facilities once showed their performance and contribution in the respective filed .There is many time mismatch between these expectation of students and requirements of corporates.

Sales people have to understand that the frequent travels and targets are part of their profiles and hence should be ready for both.

Jobs after MBA in Finance: An MBA with finance specialisation is a reputed postgraduate degree with wide range of career options are available for postgraduate students. Perhaps, this is due to reason that the post graduate degree programme gives an opportunity to the students to specialise in various areas such as Banking, Insurance, capital markets , Corporate finance ,Security analysis , taxation, planning tax ,mutual funds International finance, taxation, investment management tax planning , analysis and reporting of financial statements ,technical analysis, fundamental analysis, derivatives in Financial Markets .

Words “finance” and “management” opens and creates career opportunities in various sectors including investment banking ,accounting manager, financial services, management consulting ,insurance wealth , assets financing, financial modelling and hedge fund management.

The various job profiles available in companies for an MBA with finance specialisation include financial Analyst ,finance manager, credit risk analyst, accounting manager ,risk and insurance manager ,treasury, cash manager, senior finance manager, chief financial officer , Vice president (finance), and finance director once he rises in the ladder. The sources and availability of funds for a company’s business activities is major function of corporate finance. Finance professionals have various functions to be performed few of which includes study analyse Income statement balance sheets, Cash flow fund flow statements, Analyse the financial by using various financial tools ,preparing reports ,predicts and forecast trends in economy ,financial engineering ,Financial modelling, Maintaining balance in risk return profiles , analyse various reports and suggest improvements, suggest measures required to take for maximising the value of stock and the market capitalisation of corporate, set various portfolios ,suggest effective investment , manage funds ,choose investment portfolios, analyse securities and manage portfolios, financials planning predicting cash flows, by using different financial models applying principles of financial risk management and Forensic auditing.

Popular and well known companies include J.P.Morgon chase &company, Hewlett Packard , Ernst & Young ,General Electric and Citi bank in US and in India HDFC Bank, Axis Bank,ICICI, , Kotak Mahindra Bank, Birla Sunlife,IIFL,Edelwess, Motilal Oswal ,Sharekhan, Karvey Globeup J.P.Morgo,Goldman Sach,Morgon Stanley,Barkley,Oracle

Students with finance specialisation also get lots of offers from many private sector banks and more often the profile is of selling of financial products. Students those are strong with their domain knowledge can think of other profiles of core domain such as risk managers, financial analysts or business analysts .These kind of profiles require understanding of balance sheets, cash flow statements, fund flow statements and market knowledge with hands on experience of trading equity .So students need to work upon in developing their skills by doing online courses or certification of NSE,NISM,in area of Equity ,derivatives, fundamental analysis and technical analysis .Many of the students of finance specialisation opine that that they choose finance as their interest is not in sales but always opportunities are more in sales profiles. These students have to understand that if their domain knowledge is not very strong then they should accept the sales profile so as to understand various financial products, returns offered, risk involved, financial planning and portfolio management.

Types of jobs in MBA in operations : Among B school aspirant operations management specialisation course was not very popular but slowly now the number of students opting this specialisation is increasing So with more supply now, the competition for jobs is also growing

In this scenario, MBAs aspirants can learn and get few certifications of six sigma, Lean Methodologies, supply chain, and project management practices, which will help operations management students to get an edge over others while looking for jobs. The origin of operations management is in the manufacturing industry which became popular with Henry Fords assembly line for automobile manufacturing .Today it is given importance and became valuable specialisation across all industries, including supply chain, e-commerce, telecom and IT. Different job titles include inventory control manager ,logistics manager, supply chain manager, project managers , and operations manager . After getting few years of experience and with core functional knowledge and specialization, consultancy contracts can also be an option available for operations manager

The smooth processes and smooth implementation of project is required to be ensured by operations manager as per the core functions of operations management. MBAs in operations are usually hired for taking care BAs in Operations are usually hired for taking care of responsibilities which are in area of vendor development, logistics, supply chain, sales operations, production planning ,production control, and inventory management, . The responsibility of delivery of products, shipping loading Unloading and cargo can also be given in some companies .Popular Companies in India include vivo mobile,Oracle,Amazon, , Appo mobiles,Godrej,Airtel, Deloitte,TVS Motors, and VIP.

Students are always confused which one to choose when they have more than one opportunities .There are not two thoughts when they get an offer with good profile and as per their salary expectation from brand company .The confusion starts when there is good salary but profile might not be as per their interest and desire. Sometimes the profile is good but salary is not so decent and meets their expectations then in both the cases they get confused which one to select from the two. It is always suggested that if their financial conditions are not very bad and if family is not dependent on them they should take a good profile where they will get to learn more and get exposure as per their while choosing they can give priority to profile over salary expectations. Similarly there is confusion about selecting good profile with small medium companies or start-ups and against Brand companies.

Depending upon interest, needs, future plans and career plans students need to choose wise option by consulting faculty, parents and mentors or with proper discussion with the employers too help him understand many things while decision is taken. Sometimes students need to use their own wisdom too for decision making as finally he himself is responsible for his decisions.

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