Closely related to history and often dubbed as a combination of sociology, psychology and even archaeology, the fascinating job profile of an anthropologist actually deals with the study of cultural, social and physical development of the mankind.

The scope of study involves the impact and understanding of linguistics, beliefs, values, traditions and other related aspects of human beings. Their study is supported by a well researched hypothesis.

Career specialization involves the fields of cultural anthropology, physical anthropology, linguistics, archaeology etc.

The physical and biological development of the mankind is under scrutiny for a physical anthropologist. Studying fossils, blood types, human anatomy and genetics with respect to the evolution forms an important part. The influence of heredity and the environment also has a scope for a physical anthropologist.

Job opportunities for physical anthropologists exist in the biology department of schools and colleges. Stages of evolution of languages and related aspects form the study scope of linguistics based anthropologists, who are hired by state departments and researchers.

Cultural anthropologists study the cultures and customs of people. Their work flow includes interviewing, observing and studying various areas of life.

Career Scope

Most types of anthropologists work with educational campuses which provide excellent opportunities towards teaching and research. Many anthropologists are employed for specific projects with TV channels, filmmakers and documentary makers. Anthropologists who deal more in the field of archaeology have a wider scope in terms of jobs in the fields of:
Government sectors
Defense forces
Social agencies

Project based jobs are also at offer.

Educational Aspects

Choosing anthropology as a major in college forms the start, while getting a doctoral degree in anthropology influences the job prospects. A bachelor's or a master's degree can make an individual applicable for limited research and some administrative employment opportunities only.

Career Development

Many anthropologists become private researchers, while some get involved in administrative positions after experience. Also, it is seen that most anthropologists write or help in writing at least one book in their life (some limit their writing capabilities to writing articles and blogs).

Lastly, considering the salary and additional income, the overall income of an anthropologist is decent.

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Unlike what is perceived job opportunities as an anthropologist are evolving with departments getting formed in most university establishments. If you are interested in the study aspects of anthropology, then assimilating as much career based knowledge related to this field is recommended.