A company that started as just a small sandwich shop for 25 cent subs, to expanding to one other location which then became over two thousand more, Jimmy John’s has grown to be a major empire. Jimmy John Liautaud is the founder of Jimmy John's, an organization that now services over 2,800 locations. The company's net worth exceeds $1.7 billion, marking it as one of the most successful food industry chains in the continental United States. With this growth, Jimmy has been able to gift his wealth to many different areas of outreach. Most of his giving stems to early portions of his life and areas where he was affected. Growing up in a small Illinois community, his family never had a high income.

His father was an entrepreneur who had failed more times than he had succeeded, placing the family within the means of poverty. After many tries and years of tireless work hours, Jimmy's dad got his big break. He opened a successful butcher shop that would serve many different regions of Illinois. With his small fortune, Jimmy's dad gifted him $25,000 to produce a start-up of his own. His dad was also a military man who sought the same career path for Jimmy. If Jimmy's business prospects didn't pan out, he would have to join the military and this beloved sandwich chain would have never existed. Jimmy John Liautaud took his small advance of wealth and started his company, Jimmy John's Sandwich Shop. The business venture did fluctuate to levels of revenue that was beyond comprehension for their family.

Today, Jimmy's involvement with the company serves a different purpose. He has sold many shares of his stock within the company, affording the rights to many different business minds that keep the company operating at the highest levels. This downtime has allowed Jimmy and his family to focus on basic needs. He has spent time vacationing with his family and enjoying his life to the fullest. This downtime also produced the blank space he needed to develop his charitable effortsr. As a teenager, Jimmy was often bullied for his medical conditions and was overweight. Jimmy never attended college because he had trouble applying his thoughts to a process that had done him wrong as a child. Jimmy works with underprivileged youth organizations and groups that support the less fortunate. He believes that giving to children who stand within the shoes that he once wore can help them transition throughout their lives at a healthy pace. Giving to these organizations has helped fund programs that get youth off the streets and into a position of success.

Many of his efforts also draw to organizations that Jimmy and his family hold dear. Jimmy's three kids are avid horseback riders. Jimmy partnered with the Zac Brown Band to donate to an organization that they started in Georgia. This camp helps to promote activity for the physically disabled, partnering children with horses and other animals to bring them a sensation that is very meaningful to them. Jimmy also supports scholarship funds for business students residing in the greater Chicago regions. He wanted to support kids who had some of the same entrepreneurial drives that he had instilled within him via his father's teachings. Speaking to his father, Jimmy also supports many different military groups and organizations, giving back to military foundations. His father served in the Korean War, so this is a platform that Jimmy and his family hold dear to their hearts. Most of his efforts trace to his organization that he started with the company. His foundation holds annual meetings to discuss the platforms of outreach for the upcoming fiscal year. The idea of planning this strive prior to execution has helped narrow the focus of outreach for the company.

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