For most women, their relationship with jewelry begins the moment they get their ears pierced. The average American girl goes to the piercing parlor at the tender age of nine and, not surprisingly, earrings are typically her first article of jewelry. Shortly thereafter, her parents often introduce her to other popular pieces of jewelry like necklaces, rings and bracelets. Charm bracelets are especially popular with preteens and teenagers alike.

By the time she is old enough to drive a car, most young women own enough jewelry to rightly call it a collection. More often than not, she will have received most of these pieces from her parents on birthdays and holidays. She may have also purchased jewelry on her own or gotten it as a gift from boyfriends or admirers.

As you might imagine, the jewelry industry in the United States is driven by female consumers. Sales typically top fifty billion dollars per annum, which is almost as much as Americans spend on shoes. Why are decorative articles selling nearly as well as items we actually need, like shoes? Mostly because of the girls!

That is not to say that men don’t buy or wear jewelry, but they rarely have collections. They may own a fancy watch, a bracelet and a necklace, but nothing that requires an actual organizer. Most women, on the other hand, own some type of jewelry organizer. In this article we will discuss the many different ways to keep your jewelry safe.

Jewelry Box

Most women know what it’s like to lose a valuable piece of jewelry. Whether it is an earring, a ring, or a pendant, it often happens because their owners neglected to put them away. Perhaps they left them on the bathroom sink and they fell down the drain or threw them in a drawer and forgot where they put them. Most jewelry lovers learn the hard way that the best place to store their prized possessions is in a jewelry organizer.

A jewelry box is the most basic and often the first jewelry organizer a girl will own. Designed to sit atop a dresser, a nightstand or a vanity, the standard jewelry box has several small compartments for earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings and pendants. They are often small enough to be taken along on a trip or hidden in a drawer when you are away from home. We recommend a jewelry box with a lock and key and enough space to store your growing collection for at least a few years.

Jewelry Organizer Handbags

Women who travel frequently and attend events where they must wear jewelry need a safe way to transport it. The jewelry organizer handbag is quite popular with professional women who work in the fashion industry. Because it looks and feels like an ordinary handbag, no one will suspect that you are carrying around your jewelry collection. The standard jewelry bag has a number of small compartments for transporting bracelets, earrings, rings and necklaces sewn into the lining.

Hanging Jewelry Organizer

Most women separate their bijouterie into two categories. They have the jewelry they wear every day and the expensive ornaments that are reserved for special occasions. Hanging jewelry organizers are safe, simple and convenient ways to store the jewelry you wear regularly. Much like the jewelry handbag, the hanging organizer is also safe to travel with, since it looks just like a standard garment bag. Of course, most women simply keep them in their closets at home and use the dozens of interior loops to store necklaces and bracelets. Hanging jewelry organizers are an easy and affordable way to free up space in crowded jewelry boxes.

Jewelry Valet

The average woman spends about thirteen hundred dollars on jewelry each year. And if she is married, it is likely that she will receive ornaments on birthdays, anniversaries, major holidays and on Valentine’s Day. In other words, her collection will grow year after year. These assemblages often get too large for the average jewelry box. The next step up in size is the jewelry valet. An upright organizer that must be placed on the floor, the jewelry valet has four drawers, each of which has numerous compartments for every imaginable ornament. Many models also have two swinging doors with hooks and loops on the inside for hanging necklaces and large bracelets.

Jewelry Armoire

Unless they are members of a royal family, most women do not require an actual piece of furniture to store their jewelry. The jewelry armoire is reserved for grande dames who have amassed truly impressive collections. The free-standing organizer is easily the largest jewelry repository on the market today. It is about twice as commodious as the jewelry valet, with at least six extra large drawers and double doors with pegs on the inside for necklaces. Most of the models we reviewed stood at around three feet high and had flip-top mirrors and felt-lined drawers to complete the sumptuous effect.

The right jewelry organizer can help you safely store and transport your jewelry collection, whatever its size.

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