Jewelry might be the no-brainer when it comes to gifting but picking something for your special someone can turn out to be a bit challenging. From cute and bold rings for men to stunning and useful Medical bracelets for women(, there is a lot that you can find online without any hassle. There are plenty of classic styles anyone would like, however what about something a bit more innovative? Choosing gifts for men, the ones which they will appreciate, can be a daunting task. A jewelry store might not be the first place that pops into your mind, however, it can be the treasure trove of the possibilities while going gift shopping for men.

In case you are planning to buy the most suitable gift for your fiancée/girlfriend this year, then why not give her the one you know she will be happy to have? Jewelry like Bracelets or necklaces is the best gift-giving alternative, and a holiday or a special occasion like an anniversary or birthday is the perfect time for making her feel special.

Check out the list below of the 6 hottest jewelry gift ideas for him and her –
1. Chains – The artsy necklaces are the most suitable example of simplicity and creativity that are best blended with wide-ranging attire. Large gemstones, rocks, carved wood as well as other statement pendants are a few of those trendiest pieces which you can sport this New Year, for the downtime ensembles. In case your man is somebody who doesn’t like to wear Jewellery that much, then selecting the chain is one of the wisest and easiest categories to buy. The basic chain necklace is a timeless piece of jewelry. Figaro, Rope, and Box are among the famous styles for men.

Rough, raw, and natural gemstones are the best options for this statement Jewellery. The statement chains come in a variety of sizes and shapes, however, what makes them different from the others is the uniqueness. You can gift the bold chain necklace to your girlfriend for giving her closet an extra-unique touch. One of the effortless pieces of jewelry, a lot of men and women prefer chains since you can also cover it with your clothing if the need arises. Also, you don’t have to worry about overdoing on any place or any occasion.

2. Necklaces – Discover the pearl leather necklaces for your husband which features solitaire gems of the sea on the thin black leather. Often featuring off-round or baroque pearls as well as forgoing classic whites in the favor or unique, darker shades like peacock, silver, green-blue or grey, the necklaces capture the essence of nature’s finest. Or, you can also give your boyfriend the brown necklace crafted with the synthetic material. The slip-on closure gives it a trendy vibe.

Not only it is simple to maintain, but you just need to use the cotton swab for cleaning it. Your man can sport the funky and casual look by wearing the superb handcrafted necklace. Searching for a perfect gift for your wife? Well, your search ends here as you can always purchase heart-shaped Necklaces for her which come with a sparkling look and in the moonlight, shines like a star. Every woman or girl would like to wear this on her neck and you can also find these necklaces in several price ranges, sizes, and shapes. For purchasing the same, it is suggested to choose a reliable online portal and get the desired piece without any hassle.

3. Bracelets – A Majority of women already have some pretty Bracelets in the collections. They are often worn alone, although, it depends upon the kind of look that you are choosing. You can also give her the set of stackable bracelets that make the best gifts for those ladies who love to accessorize themselves. The beaded bracelets might seem casual, however, pair them with the gemstones and you have got an ideal birthday gift for your wife. Buy beaded bracelets that feature semi-precious or precious gemstones, or you can also take it one step further along with upscale pearls for impressing her.

In case you are searching for the show-stopping and trending jewelry gift which will impress her on this New Year, get her the diamond tennis bracelet. What’s more? Available in several materials and a lot of styles, which include high-grade and metal leather, you can also opt for designs that have a masculine, substantial look and gift bracelets to your man. The entire idea of getting these bracelets has now changed with activity-tracker, cause-related and various other kinds of bracelets. Moreover, the perfect way of selecting the best bracelet for your boyfriend or husband is by having a look at the kind of watch he wears.

4. Designer Watch – It is time for you to treat the girlfriend with a present which will keep her on time and trend i.e., the designer watch. Find styles of this Trending jewelry that align with her taste, as well as in case she likes to wear the particular designer brand, there is a probability that they might have the watch line. You will have various options to keep in mind, from completely mechanical watches that are operated by the springs which have to be wound to affordable electronic models that come with the quartz movements. You can also gift her premium-quality digital Swiss watches which come with plenty of extra functions.

Feel free to purchase watches that come with square, rectangular, or round cases as well as a leather strap or metal band. Pocket watches can also be bought that is the elegant nod to the yesteryear which might be on the comeback trail. Also, it is among the most well-known accessories that men too love to wear. Though with the advent of Smartphones which display you the time, watches were never out of fashion. Gift your husband the gold watch that would enhance his overall personality.

5. Medical alert jewelry – One major reason behind the significance of Medical alert jewelry is the fact that it fastens up how instantly symptoms can be evaluated and the issue diagnosed. A simple word on this piece of jewelry can assist those people who have come to your help to know immediately what the perfect course of action is. Even those people who are untrained in offering the important aid for particular health conditions can also let the other medical providers or first responders know what is going on to make sure that they can start treatment quickly.

The medical Jewellery for women and men ensures the fact that you can live the peaceful life on your freedom, and also at the time being secured with knowing that you are wearing something which recognizes you as well as your basic conditions. The jewelry is suggested by health organizations and physicians for conditions that include allergies, asthma, heart disease, diabetes, and epilepsy etc. Necklaces and bracelets, the most usual kinds of medical jewelry, are often engraved with information like the wearer’s medications, emergency contact, and medical conditions. It is an effective and simple way of communicating important information to EMTs or paramedics.

6. Diamond Earrings – This is a classic piece of Jewellery for women and men. Whether your husband or boyfriend wears 1 or 2 studs, gifting him good-quality diamond earrings is the most perfect way of expanding the wardrobe of his ear jewelry. As far as the size is concerned, you do not have to worry about it as now the online store has made the procedure of shopping a lot easier than ever before. Diamond Earrings have become all range amongst the male population over about 3 decades. In terms of piercing, it is the most well-known amongst men. Also, you can say that the trend of ear piercing has become mainstream, unlike facial and eyebrow piercing.

Again, like the necklace and bracelet, you have to stay cautious for picking the earrings for your guy. It must be flashy but simple as well as something which goes with his every attire. In case you do not wish to get worried about opting for the gift that your girlfriend will love, picking elegant diamond jewelry is the right option. Exclusivity, craftsmanship, style, as well as everything related to diamond jewelry, will make her feel special each time she wears them.

Now, it is time to shop for the most amazing Jewellery gift for your boyfriend/girlfriend. Keep the data you have collected on top of your mind, however, also go through different websites for getting more ideas. This way, you can give him/her a perfect Jewellery gift which she/he hadn’t even thought about. There is no denying that all of us desire to witness that beautiful smile on the face of our partner as well as that joy in his/her eyes when we surprise them. For viewing and living that moment of happiness, you should be prepared for going the extra mile as well as doing something which makes them feel loved and happy.

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