Jesus Meets Muhammad (Part Two)

“Conversations”, a “fascinating Discussion” between Jesus and Muhammad
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This "labour of love" is written especially for you, Sean and Gareth, but also for you, Marie, Glenda, Steve and family*, mom and dad... but also to everyone on the planet... and hopefully a better and more peaceful world.
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Jesus (J): Shalom, Muhammad
Muhammad (M): Biesmiellah (welcome in the name of Allah), Jesus

But I didn't know that you were born a Jew.
J: But whilst I am really proud of my Jewish background and its traditions, it really makes little difference what we are born (in spite of my good friend's Matthew's emphasis in his Gospel on being born into a Jewish family); but what matters is what we become.

I: Can I ask you this important question, Jesus. Did your teachings contradict the ancient Prophets of Israel and the Torah itself?

J: No, of course not, brother. I studied them intently and revered them; then just added to those ancient truths passed down from generation the generation. Made them a bit more relevant to my time on earth, I hope. However, the Pharisees especially did not understand my message, nor my mission to do the Father's work. So they were very unhappy with me!

M: They sure were, Jesus. A lot of Christians condemn me too these days.

J: It's lack of understanding, communication and negative stereotypes, I guess! But then who really knows what going on a person's mind... except me, of course (ha ha). Don't look so serious, brother. I know you're only joking!

M: Well , Jesus, you did have an amazing understanding of the human mind and I hear an incredibly way with words and using simple parables to get your message across to simple folk!

J: Isn't it crazy the world today. Who would ever have thought the world has descended to what is is today. But then the people of my day 600 years ago did not heed my words... and it's hardly surprizing the state of the planet.

Yes, Jesus. You were (and are) a Great Teacher and Prophet, along with Moses. Who would have ever imagined that two Great Religions were created from our words of truth, however quite a bit in the Bible was left out by the ruling fathers, who wanted to control the masses. Then Allah said to me that the Bible has been corrupted over the years. Now my followers say that Allah used me as a Prophet, because your message has been corrupted and distorted by your followers, the Christians.

I suppose God just uses ordinary people who are perfectly willing to submit to Him... their lives. To fully, utterly, surrender our wills to God's will ('Inshaa-Allah'). We are simply Messengers of God. And you are also a great Prophet, Muhammad.

Yes, it greatly saddens me that this has happened in parts of the Holy Book and some of my words have been manipulated by leaders for their own ends. However, all the words spoken by me in the Bible are perfectly true, as I was guided, inspired by God, The Father. However, there are many many words spoken by me and stories that are not mentioned in the New Testament.
Even books, like those of Phillip and Thomas that were entirely omitted (I think it was by the Nicene Edict).
Are you the Final Prophet, Muhammad?

M: I cannot answer that, Jesus... as no-one, but Allah knows who will be used for His mighty purposes? Anyway, I'm just a mere mortal man and you are meant to be God!

J: Ha ha! It's very weird that. I never claimed to be God (an was falsely condemned then crucified for that), but merely had a special intimate relationship with My Father, the Creator of the Universe. I couldn't do the miracles on my own and continually called on His help to get me through difficult situations... and I trust The Father with so many things... to help me. And I did it through prayer (which is communion with God) and simple pure FAITH.

You too have a unique intimate relationship with Allah, Muhammad?
You utterly surrendered your life to God's will.

I We are both highly spiritual beings, awakened to our spiritual selves and totally surrendered to the will of God (Allah). As you said, Jesus: "We should be in the world, not of it, or something like that." I suppose people in the 20th and 21st century would call us enlightened beings, like Buddha was. Yes, he was a great Master too!
Yes, it so sad the divisions in the world today, as well as the continual striving for material wealth, especially in the west. And with so much poverty in the world, millions and millions of people living on less than a dollar a day (don't know how many ‘dinera’ that would be?). And so many starving, when the cost of wars between our cultures could feed everyone on the planet.

I totally agree with you there!. Violence and wars too! Yes, materialism is the cause of so many of the world's problems... and the people don't realise how privileged they are... yet they always want more.
I think it's vital finding a good cause, a purpose a mission along the journey of life; then living in the "Kingdom of God" is everything. Then there would be peace on earth.

M: Yes, that was your message as the 'Prince of Peace'. I should have been more like you in pursuit of peace, instead of conquering other lands. Jesus we say it, speak the words and they get written down...but still the people don't listen.

I believe you said: "it is easier for a rich man to go through the eye of a needle, than enter the Kingdom of God."
So is Your God, the Christian God, the same as the Allah of Islam?

I, like you, Muhammad never intended to create a religion... as religion is dogma and only serves to divide people. Religious leaders then use the dogmas to control the minds of the masses.

As you know, "religion divides, whereas truth unites."
My followers, the disciples got a bit carried away and excited finding the empty tomb... and started a new religion in my name. And that wasn't my intention. I just wanted to be "me" and fulfil my mission on earth.
There was a lot of opposition at first and many believers were tortured to recant by the authorities, then it took hold under Constantine, the Ruler of the Roman Empire, when he was filled with the Holy Spirit some centuries later.

I: What's this "Holy Spirit thing"?

J: I thought you may say that, Muhammad. That is an area that even many (perhaps even most) Christians can't "figure", nor explain... and is probably the cause of greatest division between Christianity and Islam today. It's quite complex, so can we come back to that area of the Holy Spirit later.
On reflection, perhaps another time, so we can have a full and frank discussion of ideas on this complex area of Christianity!
Also about this "Messiah thing", I was so often called to fulfil.
... and which causes such a lot of controversy in religious circles... and especially within Judaism.

I: Sure. I look greatly to learning about this "Holy Spirit"... as I can't get my head around that. And also the "bit about the Messiah", as I too have been given that "label". Our destinies living fully in surrender to Allah, I guess!

J Don't worry, Muhammad. this "Holy Spirit" is not that hard ... it's perfectly in alignment with pyschological principles and you'll easily get your clever head around it.
M: OK, but then you had a great understanding of the human mind and are still the world's greatest psychiatrist.

J: You have a great mind, Muhammad. But then, I KNOW you had your own difficulties, great trials and tribulations. Wish I had been there to help you.

I: Well you were in a way and sure did help me in my life, Jesus!

J: Back to God... or what you call Allah. I say to the people, just make your concept of the Creator as BIG, as infinite as you can possibly conceive. YOU choose what The Father, God means to you, personally!

I: Well, that is why Islam can't put into words, the Infinite Grace, Majesty and Splendour of Allah. Next time, perhaps we can talk a bit more about this "Messiah thing" and I'm really intrigued by your mission, your purpose for coming to earth?
Like a "trailer" for a movie!
Ha ha!
Can't wait to see you soon.

Thanks, Jesus. That was great catching up with you. See you tomorrow... same time, same place.

Allah Akbar, brother
God, the Father dwells within you too, brother, Muhammad

"What we believe is not nearly as important as how we relate, interact with each other... and how we live. Only when we can say, 'I am first and foremost a human being, and second a Jew, Muslim, Shi'ite, a Sunni, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu ,or a Sikh...' will we progress and break down barriers between peoples, nations and cultures, both east and west. Let not our beliefs , but our shared humanity (ALL of us) define who we really are. "
- craig

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Together, one mind, one heart, one life at a time, let's plant the seeds, the hope of a better and brighter future.