Jesus is the way

Jesus is the way, that's what i have to say, he can show you the way.
Give your heart to Jesus and watch yourself improve.
Your past will be gone and he will help you carry on.
Jesus forgives you for all the wrong you have done.
Let him in your life and start having fun.
He will change your life forever and make you very clever.
Pray today to Jesus and he will come into your life and help you reach that lever.
I love you Jesus with all my heart and soul.
You helped me through the rough times and gave my life meaning, And help me reach my goal. I am keeping positive thoughts because of you. And now my life is shiny new.
You never make me feel sad or blue.
Forgiveness is the answer and it really changes you.
Turn to Jesus and he will wash away your sins.
Control your Energy and set yourself free.
Be all that you can be, with Jesus he can help you see.
Identify your strengths, have quality and integrity and have respect for others. Jesus owns my life now, with him i am going places. I am his servant and i will follow his will. I have Clarity, Commitment, Positive thoughts now.
I am taking more action and continuing to make my world a better place.

Sincerely, Carol A. Miller

Author's Bio: 

Carol A. LeBlanc, Miller
Born in Waltham, MA.
November 13
Loves to write, sing, and Montor.