The field of public relations is all about building relationships, sending the right message at the right time, and strengthening the bond between a brand and its audience. And it takes courage, ability, and eloquence to drive strong campaigns for brands that will increase awareness and drive their sales. You can find all these traits in Jesse Parker Stowell.

Jesse is a Principal at PARKER|PHOENIX Public Relations. But this isn’t how it all started.Jesse began his public relations journey with an internship at a Lansing-based PR and lobbying agency. 

From interning while at Columbia University to directing publicity for billion-dollar brands, Stowell and his colleagues provide a hands-on, personalized client experience.

We, at Insights Success a top business magazines, caught up with Jesse to know how he is helping brands increase awareness and drive sales.

Below are the highlights of the interview:

What advice would you like to give to budding leaders and entrepreneurs?

I would advise any young entrepreneurs to take a risk. Have confidence in your work, but know what you need to improve upon. Use your network to build your business and don’t be afraid to take the jump to do your own thing.

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