I can still recall the first time I sat down to pay attention to a Jerry and Esther Hicks recording. Jerry clarified that Esther would be directing Abraham and that Abraham’s wisdoms would be taught through Esther. Well, you are right…I was just a little skeptical at first.

Then very abruptly, Esther’s voice changed intensely and it was like somebody else was speaking through her. But yes, I still concealed serious doubts as to whether the whole story was real, yet I chose to continue listening and measure the importance of the information for myself.

So I did, and to be honest, I was truly enthralled by the influence and accuracy of what Abraham was teaching. Since then I’ve considered a complete bunch of their work, used it to my own life and that of my clients and had surprising results.

In this piece, I’ll share the 3 life shifting programs that I’ve learnt from Abraham, and Jerry and Esther Hicks.

Program #1: Everything is a vibration

One of the essentials upon which all Jerry and Esther teach is that: everything is a vibration. Up-to-date quantum physics inclines to agree. Check out “The Field” by Lynne McTaggard for confirmation.

Once we admit that everything is in essence a vibration, we’re one step nearer to admitting that at heart we attract what we have in our lives.

One of the ultimate stuffs of vibration is that like attracts like. So vibrating on the same wavelength with something we want, or some change we want to make, invites it right to us.

You may ask how you can do this…well let’s move on to lesson 2…

Program #2: Feelings are your decisive control method

Feelings are the outcome of how we’re vibrating in the direction of anything in this instant. Simply, if we feel good, we attract more good into our lives and the other way around.

To become more accurate, if we feel good about some subject, say money for example, we are likely to be more plentiful with respect to money. We tend to let it to flow into our lives more effortlessly, since we’re united with the vibration of abundance.

Here’s how I think of it. If we’re feeling great with respect to money, we attract more of what makes us feel good with respect to money. For most people, that means a steady flow of more money!

Program #3: The Power of Intent
I have taken this lesson to heart. Essentially, Jerry and Esther stress the control of our intent has on building reality.

I’ve used this for all kinds of things, like tallying declarations of intent before I start my abundance meditations or top presentation trainings.

One secret guideline is that if you made your intention become apparent, it tends to have a much stronger influence. I consider this is because the added effort it takes to say it out loud really indicates to your other than conscious resources your intent is vital. It gets more of your mind and body working headed for the positive resolution of your intent.

To take it step further, writing down your intent is even more powerful. In fact, I do this every morning when I write out the objective that I’m working on and start from there. I extremely endorse you do this too. Taking note your intent in your own handwriting, is like missile for getting you other than your conscious resources work to achieve that particular intent.

I certainly boost you to study from these 3 teachings and apply them to your life, starting NOW! Thanks to the teachings of Jerry and Esther Hicks for they’ve influenced manly people’s lives.

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