The most intriguing aspect about acting on a unique idea is that it brings together creative minds together to initiate a change that can disrupt the industry’s landscape for the better. To connect the newly engaged couples to several local boutique vendors to form a connection before investing towards their special day under one big roof was the core idea that birthed The Big Fake Wedding.

The bellow are the highlights of the Interview with Insights Success a Business Magazine.

Jennifer Ammons leads The Big Fake Wedding as the CEO and Owner, steering her experience to expand worldwide. Embarking on the mission of TBFW, Jennifer promotes small businesses, inspires couples, and encourages solid marriages, creating a platform where brands can showcase their best, resulting in a network of like-minded business owners with future clients at their fingertips.

The Blooming Bud

Jennifer witnessed several businesses fail and flail, and new opportunities and ideas came into existence, primarily woman-owned. As women continue to seek meaningful purpose outside their responsibilities in the home, more small businesses will blossom. In her concluding thoughts, Jennifer advises, “When the woes of business ownership hit, which they undoubtedly will remember why you started. Was it to create or fuel a passion that could serve your family or lifestyle? Then honor that. Quit or scale back if you have to, but never waiver and continue to create those same benefits and safe spaces for other women to be employed.”

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