Our financial system is complex, but our personal financial lives don’t have to be. By focusing on systems and strategies instead of products, anyone can have a financially secure future regardless of their level of income. Jenifer is leading as the CEO and President of Utor Wealth.

Below are the highlights of the interview with Insights Success a Best Business Magazine:

What opportunities do you and Utor Wealth offer for financial growth with investment solutions to Individuals and Corporates?

We excel in the strategic overview of our client’s financial life and then offer tactical solutions that align with the larger objective. It’s all too common that people get excited about a specific product or opportunity without being grounded in a strategy first.

What would be your advice to the up-and-coming women entrepreneurs aspiring to venture into the finance industry?

Investment advice offered through WCG Wealth Advisors LLC, a Registered Investment Advisor. Utor Wealth is a separate entity from WCG Wealth Advisors and The Wealth Consulting Group.

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