JayMoney has been doing a lot over the past few months to securing a release on Records.

His buzz as an artist is just now bubbling with his records, JayMoney grew up interested in Rap and Hip Hop artists including Big Sean, Lil Wayne, Drake, Big Pun, Biggie Smalls, Juice, and Meek Mill, as they share the same background struggling growing up, this could just be the beginning for JayMoney.

JayMoney has proven time and time again, that you can’t knock the hustle. He has produced 6 songs in 2016, and is setting up to hit the country once again.

With the recent name change from JayMoney to JaRoSa he was quick to release his debut as JaRoSa with his single “No No” Well he has released a new song which is a wavy chopped up version of Ruth B’s hit single “Lost Boy” and it also features vocals from JaRoSa’s close friend Rikki George who recently passed away.

As he calls it “Alone” a tribute to his friend Rikki and another close friend Martin, who passed away in a car accident. You can instantly feel that this song is not your ordinary song. This is something major. Expect more from artist JaRoSa

JayMoney currently has over 112k fans on Twitter, over 1000 on Facebook and has more than 100,000 video views on his latest music.

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