Jason Gefaell’s arts and technology advice is offered to all those interested in reading his writings and picking his thoughts on these matters. His advices, by offering his own example, of the need for keeping oneself up to date and informed about what is currently available on the market. He contends that an individual has no choice but to seek as much information as possible.

However, another part of Jason Gefaell’s arts and technology advice has to do with the fact that while seeking as much information as possible, an individual stills needs the unbiased and unadulterated input of an expert in the field. He believes that as much as medical doctors discourage people from self-treatment, people are also advised to seek the technological expertise of those who have continuously spent time in this field.

Jason Gefaell opines that if the public was to rush out and purchase technological gizmos and gadgets every time they are advertised, there would be many people who are confused and without the necessary knowledge on how to use these gadgets. This is the reason he advises that as many people as possible seek such input and advice from those with the technical know-how.

Another one of Jason Gefaell’s arts and technology advice is that while seeking to purchase any new technological gadget or gizmo, the public should bear in mind what they plan to use what they are purchasing for. They are advised to evaluate what their needs are vis a vis what they are purchasing. The reason for this as Gefaell states is because individuals may purchase some gadgets which they later find out cannot do the work for which they were bought.

Jason Gefaell is also of the advice that any person who seeks to make any new purchase needs to develop the right kind of knowledge base. This knowledge base will help the individual all the applications for which he can put his latest acquisition into. This would help the individual in probably coming up with more uses as much as he can and then fully implementing these. The results would be witnessed through such an individual being able to come up with innovative ideas on how to make the best use of these gadgets.

Jason Gefaell has developed an effective and working knowledge mostly because he has been willing to learn and increase his knowledge base on what works and this he offers as a piece of advice to his readers.

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Claude Ahrens consumes the majority of his time studying as well as working around these things which has considerably improved his expertise in them. He would frequently write recommendations as well as other information on his sites so that other people may be able to learn them as well. He looks at Jason Gefaell as a role model and hopes to achieve the same technological cachet as him.