Terrariums are usually transparent enclosure for keeping or raising plants or small animals indoors. It is said that the artistic use of terrariums were credited to Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward. He wrote a book entitled “One the Growth of plants in Closely Glazed Cases” which is considered as the first work that summaries the importance of keeping terrariums at home. According to history, he was delighted with small insect and he put it in capped wide-mouthed glass bottle so that he can observe how it grows. As time passes by, he notices that there was a seedling fern and a shoot of grass blossomed inside the bottle. It was a surprise for him since it was hard to let fern grow in his garden. He put the glass in the window and studies the growth behavior of the plants for four years. Thus, that turns out to be the beginning of the science of terrariums.

In modern times, terrariums are used not only for experiments but also as an effective home décor. Like the jar terrarium wherein you can use as enclosures for plants and place it on tabletop to give a stylish effect in the whole room. The jar terrariums have a base dish to hold the plants inside. There are different sizes available that you can select from and can certainly give a nice enclosure to the various flowering plants you have in your garden.

The glass dome terrarium is also best to cover your food during special occasion. Instead of using the plastic cover for your food, you can use the glass dome terrariums to make sure that your guest will be delighted by the food they will about to take as they can see right through it. It is the most stylish way of covering your food and that will be the center of attention during garden parties.

Moreover, bell jar terrariums are also use during early times to protect plants against frost during the winter. You can also do the same with all the flowering plants you have inside your home as holiday season is fast approaching. Winter could be a bad time for your plants but because of the bell jar terrariums, your plants can survive during the cold weather. You can be sure that you will not only protect all your flowering plants but you can also make it as one of the most beautiful home decoration any house could ever had.

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