A happy & healthy new year to you and your family. May this year find you riding safely with good friends. Hope to see you out on the road soon. Your favorite psychic astrologer, Kathi Calahan.

ARIES: You will be feeling totally amped this year, and especially this month, as you find many employment opportunities and projects coming your way. Make hay while the sun still shines & take advantage of your opportunistic ways while you help others up the business ladder. What you give out will return ten fold so make sure it's the good stuff. Lucky Numbers 41, 4, 8, 20, 42, 35

TAURUS: Jungle love makes up most of your extra curricular activities now. Always the hands-on touchy feely, bone up on your massage skills and plunge in to an exotic bottle of oil. Watch your weight this month by joining a good gym and stick to those new year resolutions. This is a great year to start your own business. Don't be afraid of the nay-sayers. Lucky Numbers 44, 54, 53, 11, 12, 6

GEMINI: This month you will want to watch the words that come out of your potty mouth. Social blunders cause others to turn away in disappointment and it happens only because you didn't think before you spoke. How about this, why not try, for just this month, to be a better listener than speaker and see if you don't overcome this needless faux pas. Lucky Numbers 40, 3, 16, 9, 12, 8

CANCER: You're rounding the home stretch in your education. Cancers make terrific entrepreneurs and this may well be the year you start your own business. See me about Career Coaching boot camp. Movies play a big part in your entertainment this month and it may be you behind the camera. Your gentle heart has a fondness for family history & the camera provides the means. Lucky Numbers 7, 8, 5, 50, 38, 9

LEO: Minuscule mistakes do not need overblown reactions. While your patience may be tested during the first half of the month, it's only there to provide an opportunity for you to show your benevolent side. Bless those who anger you and move on because how you think and feel finds an outlet in your body. Your aches and pains are old resentments. Let go. Lucky Numbers 41, 5, 28, 31, 61, 19

VIRGO: Clothing, clothing everywhere! You're a bit of a showboat now, with special attention to details. Known as the most photogenic in the zodiac, dress up in your new duds and get your picture taken. Your personality has always been keen on the minutia and you would do especially well in careers like police/detective world, accounting and clothing design. Lucky Numbers 4, 39, 18, 4, 8, 9

LIBRA: Don't worry, the cold weather will be over soon. Thaw those icicles from your nose and join the many Frosty Balls Runs all over the state. Don't be too surprised if you find yourself captaining or organizing the next run. Think beauty in all forms this month. You'll find extra time spent around pieces of art works, clothing boutiques and home decorating. Invite Virgo. Lucky Numbers 31, 11, 15, 8, 40, 21

SCORPIO: You will find yourself, once again, the healing instrument in someone's souring relationship. Hope springs eternal when both are willing to make needed personal changes and recall the reasons they fell in love in the first place. The best way you can help this couple is by admitting your own romantic blunders and share how you fixed them. Lucky Numbers 4, 58, 51, 13, 6, 50

SAGITTARIUS: This is going to be a big year for you financially. See your previous $ losses as a reminder that you need to walk a new path and make better choices. Known as the over spenders, your new motto becomes, "Waste not, spend wisely." Look for changes in the housing industry that will benefit you personally. Start a new business plan and teach it to your kids. Lucky Numbers 18, 9, 6, 32, 14, 5

CAPRICORN: Happy birthday, you sexy beasts! Although we know that your happiness centers around business success, it's also time to remember that you are far more than any job. You can be thankful this month that your soul has been given the opportunity to be such a good role model for right behavior. Your path is narrow, but your influence is wide and great. Use it wisely. Lucky Numbers 22, 17, 31, 9, 19, 60

AQUARIUS: Simplicity always provides you with those sparkling ideas your sign is so famous for. This month, put those ideas to work for yourself and others and watch your altruistic values benefit adults on a large scale. Others are willing to hear what you have to say in January and your reputation as the idea king or queen is richly deserved. Teach a start your own business class this month. Lucky Numbers 7, 27, 1, 54, 30, 32

PISCES: Look for thoughts of a career change this month. Before you say yes, be sure this new career field matches your skills, values & interests. If it looks good, look twice. But if it FEELS good, go for it! Your intuition is one of your best assets. When in doubt, ask an honest friend. Hang out with an Aquarian and you may find the two of you starting a business together. Lucky Numbers 10, 19, 16, 37, 17, 21

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