Jamie Hairston, a talented author known for her captivating novels, has gained recognition for her impactful work in the literary world. Her debut novel, "Memoirs of a Black Sheep," published in July 2020, draws inspiration from Jamie's own personal experiences. The book introduces readers to the main character, Renee, and takes them on a gripping journey from her life as a meth addict in a mental hospital to her unwavering pursuit of sobriety.


Through her novels, Jamie aims to bring to life the interconnectedness of mental health and addiction, portraying the internal struggles, resilience, and hope found within the journey toward healing and self-discovery.

Jamie's passion for addressing mental health and addiction is not limited to her writing. As a former addiction counselor, she understands the challenges individuals face in seeking help. Jamie highlights the flaws within the healthcare system, particularly regarding addiction treatment. She raises concerns about the emphasis on billable hours over client progress and premature discharges without adequate aftercare plans. Jamie advocates for a longer-term approach to addiction treatment, recognizing it as a chronic condition requiring sustained care and support.

Being an addiction counselor brought Jamie tremendous fulfillment as she witnessed her clients' resilience and celebrated their milestones on the path to recovery. The gratitude expressed by her clients served as a constant reminder of the indomitable human spirit, reinforcing Jamie's dedication to helping others and fueling her passion for guiding them toward lasting change.

Jamie's journey toward becoming an addiction counselor was influenced by her experiences and personal growth. While serving in the Army, she pursued an online degree in psychology, eventually deciding to specialize in addiction counseling. Overcoming severe social anxiety, Jamie completed a three-year graduate program, solidifying her dedication to the field and her desire to make a difference.


Through her writing, Jamie seeks to foster understanding and empathy for those affected by mental health and addiction. She sees both as intertwined, sharing parallel paths of struggle. Drawing from her personal experiences and professional background, Jamie aims to humanize these challenges, challenge stigmas, and inspire hope. She also addresses important social issues such as military sexual assault, mental health, addiction, and prison reform in her articles, advocating for justice and positive change.

Aside from her writing, Hairston runs her company, Flawed by Design, which offers a range of writing-related services. She assists new authors in navigating the self-publishing process, provides editing services, and engages in freelance writing, transcription, translation, proofreading, and more.

Looking ahead, Jamie plans to take a break from writing books after the release of "Black Sheep Run," scheduled to hit bookstores on July 28th. She intends to focus on refining her course for aspiring writers and further honing her skills in crafting shorter, blog-style content. While she has ideas for another book in the future, Jamie prefers to keep the details under wraps for now.

Hairston's impact extends beyond her writing and counseling work. She hopes to be known as the girl who faced addiction and mental health challenges head-on, overcame them, and used her experiences to inspire and empower others. Her resilient spirit, unwavering determination, and passion for making a difference make her a powerful advocate for mental health, addiction recovery, and personal growth.

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