Since 2018, McCrum has had a relationship with the Rajasthan Royals. In July 2021, Jake Lush McCrum was named CEO of the Rajasthan Royals of the Indian Premier League (IPL).

His primary focus has been on assembling a top-notch management team to execute the broad objective he and the board set forth. According to the franchise, the vision's primary goal is to "change society through cricket and cricket through innovation."

McCrum has greatly contributed to the franchise's expansion and IPL participation. Currently, he is in charge of managing the cricket schedule for the entire franchise. He occupied the first seat at the table as the Franchise CEO at the IPL 2022 Mega Auctions.

He discussed his involvement with the IPL 2020 and how he and his organisation handled the odd situations the Covid-19 epidemic had brought up.

He thinks that the IPL's delayed debut may have been a blessing in disguise, giving league administrators time to understand and take in information from other leagues worldwide. He believes that because leagues in the United States and England began before us, the team can learn from them and observe what worked and what didn't to ensure the IPL is the most entertaining sporting event. They will be able to interact with all of the fans as well.

Using the Internet to reach fans

Jake strongly emphasises using social media to interact with fans and promote the franchise to stimulate their curiosity. Social media has proven to be essential in the past, and the Digital staff has received a lot of funding. Early during the lockdown, the Rajasthan Royals also held a mental health series where athletes like Rahul Dravid and Robin Uthappa addressed the audience and discussed their experiences. Fan engagement is significantly influenced by how much content is personalised. They also worked with Red Bull Media House to produce the Inside narrative documentary, which gave viewers an inside look at how our most recent season was produced and gave them access to what happened behind the scenes. We are filming this year in our bubble.

During The Unpredictable Times

The players' safety on his team was of the utmost importance throughout the COVID era. According to "Safety is of the utmost concern. They had to adhere to specific, comprehensive protocols provided by the BCCI. A Covid response team had also been established to ensure a prompt response.

He believes it is essential to consider the financial aspects of a tournament like the IPL. The multiplier effect means that even if much money flows to the BCCI and the franchises, the IPL's economic impact is significantly spread out. Community cricket, women's cricket, and the companies the team works with all gain from it.

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