There is a new positive development in the case of Canadian politics. There are likely to be changes in the Canada PR visa process.

Jagmeet Singh has become the Deputy Prime Minister of Canada.

Election results have not been so much in favor of Justin Trudeau. Although his party has won the largest number of seats in this election, it's still a dismaying result.

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Although Trudeau will become the Prime Minister of Canada, the government will be formed in cooperation with Jagmeet Singh. Singh is quite like Trudeau. However, it will be tough for Trudeau to manage the government. This is a real challenge because Jagmeet Singh will also have a say now. In the words of the erstwhile politician “It’s very hard to engage internationally when your focus is on being in the House of Commons to make sure you win the next vote.”
However, this is not the first time, a minority or a coalition government has been formed in Canada. Earlier, the Liberals Party of Canada had also formed a coalition government with the New Democratic Party which had introduced the healthcare changes. Trudeau's power can also be shaken by any Liberals candidate who will want to be the head of this party.

There is also a problem for Jagmeet Singh who has only won 24 seats this time. There has been a major drop of 20 seats for his party from the elections of last time. Now, Justin Trudeau needs the backup of his party, which is why, Jagmeet Singh has retained as the leader of the NDP party, otherwise he would have to resign as the party leader.

Mr. Singh had announced before the election that he would increase the finances available to the province of Quebec for immigration. Singh had said that the federal government would pay almost 73 million CAD more to Quebec every year so that there are better services for immigrants if he is given the chance to become the next Prime Minister. Singh had made such promises because of the high labor shortage in this province. There has been a lack of labor in Quebec and there are almost 1,20,000 jobs that are unoccupied in this province. As per Singh "Quebec is dealing with a serious labor shortage, and needs immigration to help meet the challenge."

Mr. Singh had also talked about helping immigrants deal with French-language problems. With funding available from the federal government, there will be help providing for getting rid of these barriers.

Quebec is going to get an amount of 25.5 billion CAD from the federal government in the form of fiscal transfers. In the fiscal year of2017-2018, an amount of 490 million CAD was given for supporting immigrants by Quebec. The government of Quebec does not want to get more immigrants.

It wants to get lesser immigrants into Quebec as much only 40,000. It now gets 52,000 immigrants. The premier of this province Francois Legault already wants to get temporary workers to get rid of this shortage. Lets us, how Jagmeet Singh becoming the deputy PM of Canada will affect the Canada PR visa process.

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