Numerous reasons are there which can lead to problems with fertility, particularly in older people. But that doesn't mean that there is no hope left for such people as there is some advancement like in vitro fertilization (IVF) that can be helpful in overcoming different types of issues regarding infertility. Infertility is a problem that can't be linked to the female class only. It can be down to a man or even a combination of both.

There is a syndrome named as polycystic ovary syndrome, particularly known as PCOS in short, that plays a role in infertility for about 8 to 10 percent of women of reproductive age. On the other hand, nearly 30 percent of the time infertility may cause due to the male partner while the cause is treatable in many cases. Things like low sperm mobility, dysfunction, and weight need not be the ending of any expectation of having a family. IVF pregnancy is an advanced technology for developing bright chances of getting pregnant sharply and pregnancy is a fine temporary treatment for PCOS.

There has been a history that women with PCOS often have diabetes in their family or have insulin resistance. While more research is required to examine how it is responsible for causing the cysts, it is the abnormal blood profile which contributes to the growth of obesity resulting in the production of a cyst.

IVF Pregnancy With Endometriosis

Another common condition that is helpful in affecting fertility is endometriosis. It is a distressing and painful condition that can affect women of childbearing age. In this condition, the tissue which generally lines the uterus is identified to grow in other places throughout the abdominal cavity and pelvis. Such cells form deposits that are also known as endometriosis implants or lesions can bleed and also cause damage and scarring to the reproductive organs. There may be chances of causing adhesions where the organs get stuck together. Cysts known as endometriomas can develop in the ovaries which can cause blockage to the fallopian tubes.

Various symptoms of endometriosis-like pelvic pain, ovarian cysts, pain during intercourse, infertility and abnormally heavy periods can be found. This condition has a close relation with infertility. The good thing is that IVF pregnancy has a higher success rate with those who are suffering from endometriosis. It is usually the best plan for those infertility patients who are suffering from endometriosis. IVF can provide hope for those women who have been facing endometriosis for a long time and are worried about their chances to achieve a healthy pregnancy.

Pregnancy With PCOS

Those women who are suffering from PCOS problem may lead to difficulties in getting pregnant as they do not ovulate in a usual pattern. Missing or unbalanced menstrual cycles may be an indication of this sort of problem and mean that as the egg is not being released, there will be impossibilities to be fertilized naturally. With in vitro fertilization, the egg gets removed from her body and gets fertilized in the lab that is known to be in-vitro. The resulting embryo is then returned to the womb. Pregnancy with PCOS can be possible. It, however, looks like a tricky thing to get rid of, but the fact is that most women who suffer from this problem will have successful pregnancies.

The problem of cysts developing on the ovary does not put off fertilization and pregnancy. It only stops egg discharge. Once the embryo gets created, many women proceed towards having a healthy baby with the help of IVF. Having an outstanding benefit of getting pregnant in such cases is that relief is provided from the pain of PCOS. There can be a feeling of cramping among sufferers in their lower abdomens. It is because ovaries try to release eggs, and with pregnancy, this is suppressed. There can be some symptoms that can recede over the course of gestation like excessive hair growth, hair loss on the head and acne.

IVF Success Rates With PCOS

Well, the good thing is that a large majority of those who are suffering from PCOS will conceive with use of their own eggs. In order to shorten time to conception and boost the IVF success rates for PCOS patients, fertility treatments in PCOS patients need to be suitably individualized to the particular phenotype of PCOS a patient has. IVF pregnancy chances in PCOS patients and CHR's revolutionary discovery of the role of FMR1 sub-genotypes in establishing oocyte yields can be considered as one of the ways to improve the success rates of fertility treatments for patients affecting from PCOS.

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