Did you know that in IVF treatments gonadotropin injections are widely used to stimulate the ovaries so that it can produce more eggs? But the matter of fact is that conventional IVF protocols are inconvenient, expensive and is likely to be associated with some serious side effects.

In IVF Lite the stimulation protocol is very light and the amount of fertility drugs used in the process is very less. Embryo or egg accumulation is done by Cryotech Vitrification Technology which provides a very cost-effective and efficient alternative of the conventional IVF. It is designed in a way so that it can retrieve only a few eggs in every ovarian stimulation cycle.

This kind of stimulation results in better production of eggs and the quality of the embryos are also better. To be honest, it is an easy treatment schedule in which the doses of drugs are very low and there is a low risk of hyperstimulation or multiple pregnancies. The cost is comparatively low. IVF lite is easy on the ovaries and also it is budget friendly.

What mild stimulation IVF cycle promises to do?

It helps to grow better quality follicles through they might be fewer in the count. If someone is in her forties, it is not very easy for her to produce many healthy eggs. In this case, if you are planning to go hard on your ovaries much blasting them with medications, it might not be a very good idea.

When we blow bubbles, surely the gentler the blow is the bigger the bubble is. Similarly, mild IVF in gentle in approach and will definitely lead you to your desired goal.

In this protocol, the patient goes through one or even more stimulation IVF cycles. After that, by using the cryotech vitrification technique the eggs are frozen. Then the needed amount of embryos /eggs is collected for a frozen thawed transfer of embryos and remote PGS. If we look at the cost of this treatment process then it is evident that IVF Lite is the future of IVF.

Where in the conventional IVF cycles the doses of drugs are very high, in the IVF Lite protocol they use very mild fertility injections such as gonadotropin injection, GnRH Antagonist injection and clomiphene citrate tablets. After 34 to 36 hours of HCG trigger, the egg retrieval is planned. All the embryos are frozen and they are kept to be after a few months. In the subsequently chosen month, the prepared endromentrium is ready to be implanted.

It had been thoroughly prepared by the use of estrogen tablets. The eggs are accumulated in this month and they are fertilized with the help of the sperms of the husband and in this remote cycle, the embryo transfer is planned.
Today the doctors and the clinics mostly refer IVF Lite for its low cost.

Poor people are getting benefitted by the IVF Lite protocol. The other responders of this mild IVF are people above the age of forty, people who have had several conventional IVF failures and people who have PCOS and have been facing a lot of ovarian hyperstimulation.

Due to the low cost and the great success rate we recommend IVF Lite to all the people who come for IVF or ICSI treatments.

The advantages of IVF Lite

•In the conventional way of IVF, the cost of the medications is very high besides the injections are quite painful but in the IVF Lite, the medications are mostly oral and less expensive.

•Lesser number of injections are used

•People with tight schedule are most likely to go for IVF Lite as they do not have to visit the clinic frequently and they can fulfill their regular commitments.

•IVF Lite protocol produces more euploid eggs and embryos in PGS so that the pregnancy rate in the women who are suffering from low AMH is increasing very fast.

•People with normal ovarian reserve have as much as a benefit as they get from a conventional way of IVF but in the cases of older women, the success rate of IVF Lite is quite high. The pregnancy rate is also high among the patients who had many failed attempts with conventional IVF, poor and hyper-responders.

•The treatment schedule is very simple, drug doses are low, the outcome is generally good, the risk is very low and it goes easy on your finances.

The Disadvantages of IVF Lite

•In each cycle of IVF Lite, very few eggs are produced and so, it might take several attempts or cycles to get the acquired amount of good quality eggs.

•IVF Lite must provide the patients with proper counseling and guidance so that they can be prepared with multiple cycles.

•It can sometimes result in a poor response or no response.

•A well-equipped laboratory that is capable of vitrifying and thawing embryos successfully is mandatory.

A Summary of IVF Lite

IVF Lite can have more advantages over the conventional IVF protocols. In gentle stimulation protocols, there is less medication, fewer injections, fewer egg productions but the quality of the eggs is very high.

The pregnancy rate of conventional IVF protocol in normal patients is comparable with the pregnancy rates of IVF Lite. People are being more acceptable towards the IVF Lite.

The pregnancy rate of IVF Lite in older patients, people with failed attempts, poor and hyper responders is better than the conventional IVF protocol. In this cost-conscious world, IVF lite is the future of IVF Treatments.

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