Couples consult a fertility expert when their own efforts don’t work in their parenthood journey. Due to any reasons, a few females face early menopause or premature menopause. Without knowing the exact reason, people start believing that IVF leads to early menopause and consider it can happen to them. Experts at the best IVF clinic in Adarsh Nagar (Delhi) say that it is a myth, but not a reality. According to them, couples have numerous myths about menopause, IVF treatment, and allied fertility solutions. 


The base or reason for such a myth

Before saying anything on it, try to comprehend menopause, IVF, and allied things. Move ahead. 


Early menopause or premature menopause - what it is

Early menopause is a reproductive health condition in which women have a lack of ovarian reserve and face a break in menstrual cycles before reaching in their late 30s or 40s. If you, as a female, face menopause at 35 or 40, it is usual. You need to take it seriously if you start noticing the symptoms of menopause before you are in 40s. 


What makes people believe in misconceptions that IVF leads them to early menopause?

In the IVF process, experts extract eggs from a female’s ovaries. And hence, people believe that IVF plays a role in the reduction of ovarian reserve. However, in reality, the IVF treatment process triggers ovaries to produce healthier eggs through the administration of hormonal injections. And it never reduces menstrual cycles and lowers the functionality of ovaries in a female.  


Root cause of misconception or confusion

Experts optimise hormones during the IVF treatment process. And this optimisation can lead to females having symptoms that are very similar to the ones of perimenopause. It is the reason that make people believe IVF treatment causes early menopause. 


Symptoms that are similar to menopause during IVF treatment

Many overlapping signs are visible during IVF treatment that can resemble the ones of early menopause. Here are some of them:

  • Mood swings - During hormonal stimulation and periods, mood swings are common and don’t relate only to menopause. 
  • Hot flashes - Females experience hot flashes during IVF treatment due to use of high power medicines. 
  • Bloating - Bloating is a common symptom of ovulation, hormonal imbalances, early conception sign, period issues, and IVF injections. Avoid connecting it only to menopause. 
  • Missed periods - It is possible to have a missed period after embryo transfer during the in vitro fertilisation process. There is no need to have confusion and connect it to menopause.   
  • Brain fog - You might have brain fog during your IVF treatment due to existing conditions such as anxiety, a lack of sleep, mental exhaustion, and overworking.   
  • Headaches - Having a headache after injections during the IVF process is normal. 
  • Weight gain - It is common to gain weight 5-10 pounds during the IVF treatment process. No need to worry. 


Can females conceive after menopause?

Yes, a female can do it through IVF treatment. In it, experts administer hormonal injections that make a female’s ovaries produce healthier eggs. Doctors can allow you to have IVF treatment even you have faced menopause if you haven’t crossed 45 and your health is good. 


IVF process doesn’t lead early menopause 

IVF or in vitro fertilisation process facilitates a woman be pregnant whether it is before or after menopause. It in any way doesn’t lower female fertility and cause menopause. 


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Dr Ruchi Malhotra is one of the best Gynecologist in Delhi. She has graduated from Lady Hardinge Medical College, New Delhi and has been practicing for 18 Years.