Here is my bet: take any area of your life that you deeply want to flip straight back up, I guarantee you, you can get the solution looking at the inspiring life of God’s Son: Jesus-christ.

When I was a kid, Jesus-Christ was to me the movie I was enjoying watching during Christmas. Now as I grow, I see more out of Him. In Jesus, I see a grateful son, a constant disciplined learner, an unstoppable tremendous sales person, a master in the art of building and managing relationships, an inspiring public speaker, an unshakable leader, a committed and goal-oriented achiever, and a true advisor and coach.

Jesus as a grateful son -

From all what I’ve learned from Jesus life as described in the Bible, I think the main take away is the gratefulness, love and respect we must have for our parents. Here are the characteristics of grateful son I’ve learned from Jesus:
- A grateful son share his parents wisdom to help others benefit from it to have a better life
- A grateful son always honors his parents name
- A Grateful son continues any of his parents valuable unfinished business
- A grateful son value his parents recommendations, follows his parents advices, and ask for his parents enlightenment and strengths when he can’t do it on his own.
- A grateful son loves and respects his brothers and sisters
- A grateful son always work at bettering his father image
- A grateful son never seeks for another Father

Jesus as a Leader –

There are so many books out there that talk about leadership. So many speakers and seminars that aim to teach about leadership. Yet, when you look at the life of Jesus, you can see what the main characteristics of leadership really are, whether it’s in business or in life:

- A leader has a vision
- A leader believes in his vision
- A great leader serves a mission and learns the task to be done before he starts
- A leader leads by example
- A leader takes people with him along the way
- A leader takes responsibilities
- A leader doesn’t run away from challenges, he takes actions and look for ways to pursue his mission and to accomplish it.
- A leader is a great communicator
- A great leader is surrounded by a positive, accountable and reliable team
- A leader has a mastermind group
- A great leader doesn’t quit

Jesus as a Salesperson –

People in sales know that selling is nothing but a number games. What matters is the number of hours you work, the number of people you call, the number of appointments you make, the number of demonstrations you do, and the number of deals you close. Now, to be a true sales professional, the knowledge of your products, and he conviction you have on your products’ benefits is definitely going to fire you up and will help you reach your goals. Here are the great sales characteristics we can learn from Jesus:

- A salesperson works his territory tight
- A salesperson is not afraid to get NOs
- A salesperson prospects every time and everywhere
sales person looks for the people in need
- A sales person treat everyone( prospects, big clients, small clients) the same way with no discrimination of any sort
- A salesperson is honest and tells the truth about what he sells and where the products comes from
- A salesperson has the profound belief that his products can and will help
- A sales person is help oriented and not profit oriented
- A salesperson demonstrates the benefits of his products
a salesperson has Faith in serving a higher purpose than his little person

Jesus as public speaker -

We can control the time we work, but we cannot control how the time goes by. After 24 hours whether we like it or not, the new day starts. Jesus knew better than anyone that he was here on earth for just a little time and he had a big task to accomplish before returning next to God. So, one of the best and smart ways to touch the maximum of lives at ounce was to speak in public and he did it very well. Here are the characteristics he reflected as a great public speaker:

- A public speaker must have an important life-changing message to deliver
- A public speaker must know his speech by heart with no need to look at notes
- A public speaker must be convinced about the message he delivers
- A public speaker must have an audience (he doesn’t how well of a speaker you are, but how many people you speak to.)
- A public speaker must have proofs, examples, testimonies, stats, that make him legit as a speaker to follow
- A public speaker must have a message that is adapted to the audience

Jesus as relationship expert and king of network -

Jesus himself knew he couldn’t do everything in sharing the gospel just by himself. He needed help and to get the help he needed to build relationships and form a group or team of people and teach to each of them how to build also relationships and pass the good news around. In anything we do, relationship is the master key to ultimate accomplishment. Here are the relationship keys I’ve learned from the lie of Jesus:

- A relationship expert is always open and is open-mind
- A relationship expert does not judge others
- A relationship expert always seeks for ways to empower the life of others
- A relationship experts considers and values everyone, from the bottom to the top
- A relationship experts treats everyone the way he’d love to treated and with no discrimination
- A relationship expert always tries to arrange some gathering to share with people and to learn from people
- A relationship expert is humble
- A relationship experts doesn’t talk about himself but about what he stands for and the causes he fights for
- A relationship expert is a great listener and is genuinely interested in the life of others
- A relationship does not try to be your friend but tries to serve you and to help you

I don’t exactly know how old was Jesus when he died, but from my readings, he was 30 years old when he started his ministry and 33 years old when he died. In only 3 years Jesus-Christ achieved the goal of sharing a gospel that will be passed on from generations to generations making him the Hero of all times and God The King of Kings.

This is what I’ve learned from the Life of Jesus Christ and still, I know as I grow there is still so much to learn from.

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Max-Marc Fossouo is a Relationship Strategist, Founder of He believes that relationship is at the heart of any success and so is action. Driven by passion, Max is convinced that relationship matters and here is his view of relationship: "In relationship, do not ask what someone can do for you, but what you can do for the person. It is not how you can be served, but how you can serve. Not what you can benefit, but what they can benefit from you. To be there for others is not just relationship, it's also leadership."
Max conducts Motivational speaking, seminars, and shows about Relation and Success.
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