I've Been Trying To Get Pregnant For 3 Months And Nothing: What Can Help Me Get Pregnant

In their anxiety to have a child at the earliest, couples try out many ways and undergo expensive tests. However, by following natural ways fertility increases and so does the chance of a woman becoming pregnant. Pregnancy occurs when all conditions are favorable and in order to bring about such conditions, it is advisable to follow the natural ways to get pregnant. Here are some most important natural ways which are very simple, inexpensive and effective to get pregnant. Just check it out below.

1. The first thing is to have a perfectly natural and healthy body. This is important for the man as well as the woman. A nutritious, healthy and balanced diet is important to have a healthy body. It is advisable to shun alcohol, caffeinated drinks and nicotine if you are planning to have a baby. Make sure you are taking in adequate vitamins and minerals in your diet. Also, have a complete medical check up before you decide on conception. Regular exercises also help.

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2. Lifestyle should not be stressful or taxing. If need be, the woman should change her job for a less demanding one that is less stressful and gives her time to relax and refresh herself at home. Clothing should not be tight but should be free and comfortable. The man too should refrain from wearing tight underwear. Lowered testicular temperature results in higher sperm count and thus better chances of impregnation.

3. Ovulation is important and a deciding factor in pregnancy. If you know when you are ovulating and engage in sexual intercourse on the day preceding ovulation, on the day and the day after, you increase your chances of impregnation. A few signs of ovulation commonly observed in women are an increased basal body temperature, increase in quantity of cervical mucus, mild pain in the abdominal area, tenderness in breasts and vagina, increased sexual desire and headaches.

4. Adopt the most recommended sexual positions and indulge in relaxed, enjoyable sex with the focus on getting the woman to achieve an orgasm as all these contribute to making it easy for the sperm to enter the cervix. A woman should remember to remain prone for at least 20 minutes after intercourse and keep hips elevated so that sperm can slide easily towards the cervix, not away from it.

5. Certain herbal preparations can actually help in facilitating fertility in women. You could check out the herbal supplements that help in increasing fertility both in women and men.

6. If possible, try out meditation or yoga as a means to harmonize body and spirit. It is far better to try out natural ways to conceive rather than go in for expensive and stressful medical tests and procedures.

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I sometimes hear from women who have been checking themselves for ovulation very carefully. The reason that they are doing this is because they are trying to conceive a specific gender. I heard from a woman who had just learned that the timing of her sexual intercourse (as it relates to ovulation) could have an influence on her baby's gender. And, since she thought she may have already conceived, she wanted to know which gender was more likely. She said, in part: "I have been checking for ovulation for the last three weeks. This morning, I actually got a positive. So, I woke my husband up and we had sex. He needed some coffee first so we probably actually had intercourse about an hour after I got the positive indicating ovulation. So which gender am I most likely to conceive? Because I really want a boy baby." I'll try to address these concerns in the following article.

Why You Can't Be Absolutely Sure Of The Exact Timing Of Your Ovulation: It was absolutely wonderful that this woman was testing her ovulation. So many people don't. Instead, they guess or they try to make a loose calculation based on the timing of their period, the consistency of their cervical mucus, or the feeling of some cramps. And I don't quite understand this. Why take chances when it is so easy and cheap to test for sure? In any event, this woman was doing more than most and she was to be commended for that. However, getting a positive test result doesn't necessarily mean that you have lucked upon the exact time that you have ovulated. It doesn't mean that your egg became ready mere minutes before. Of course, you may have lucked upon that type of timing. But a positive result on an ovulation predictor is telling you that changes in your hormones have taken place which indicate that ovulation has occurred. However, it's very difficult to know exactly when. It might have been two hours ago, or ten minutes ago. So, this woman's window might have been more than an hour later. However, her actually getting a positive result means that her window was a smaller one than most.

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The Time Frame For A Boy Baby: For a boy baby, you want to conceive after ovulation. The reason for waiting is because the Y or boy producing sperm do not live as long as the girls. So, if you have sex before ovulation and the sperm has to wait for the ripe egg, the Y sperm will not fare as well. Their numbers will be less because some of them will die due to their short life span. So, if you wait until after ovulation to have sex, then you know that you are not going to have the longevity problem because the egg is actually waiting for the sperm's arrival. Another plus to this scenario is that the Y sperm (boys) move faster than the girls (X.) So, on the surface, it appears that this woman's timing actually favored the boy baby that she wanted, but there are other factors at play, which I'll discuss now. (By the way, if you want a girl, you'd just reverse this process and have sex before ovulation. It's easier to accomplish this with a saliva predictor.)

Why It's Important To Look At PH Too: As I said, this woman had a couple of very good things going for her. But, she admitted that she had no idea what her vaginal PH was at the time of conception. In fact, she hadn't been testing this at all. She didn't realize that you should test your PH while you were testing your ovulation. You should and here's why. For a boy baby, you want an alkaline PH. An acidic PH helps to kill off those boy sperm we've talked about. So optimal timing gets compromised if you also have an acidic PH. So, if this woman hadn't conceived this month and wanted to repeat the process next month, she was already doing most things right. She should just begin testing her PH also and tweaking her diet to make sure that she was as alkaline as possible.

So that next month if she got a positive for ovulation, she would already be alkaline and she would have the best chance as possible to get a boy, as long as she couple these things with using deep penetration during sex. But to answer the question posed, having sex after intercourse does favor a boy baby. But to have the best odds possible, you'd also want to have the right PH and use the right sexual positions.

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I sometimes hear from people who are convinced that they man with whom they want to make a baby can only produce boys. Typically, they already have several boys and have been unable to conceive a girl. Or, the man has produced children before in another relationship and has only gotten sons. I heard from a woman who said: "my husband and I have only been married for a couple of years. This is the second marriage for both of us. My husband has four other children from previous relationships. All four have been boys. And my husband's father only produced sons as well. I've never been pregnant before but I want to become pregnant now. And I very much want a girl baby. I so want a daughter to share girlie or female things with. But I'm afraid that my husband is only capable of producing boys. Is this a lost cause? Are there some men who just aren't capable of producing girls?"

What Testing Has Shown Us: I have to disclose that different people have differing opinions on this. Some people will insist that there are some men who only produce Y or boy producing sperm and that these same men are unable to produce any X or girl sperm. I happen to disagree with this because I tend to believe the more recent research on this topic. Before we had the technology to test for the presence of Y and X sperm, people used to look at sperm under a microscope which made it very difficult to determine one gender over another. Today though, we have a method of testing called fluorescent in situ hybridization or FISH for short. There have been a lot of studies which use this method to look at ratios of Y to X sperm in men and you know what they've found? That men have equal amounts of girl and boy producing sperm. This is true even of men who seem to produce all girls and all boys. Even when the researchers were actually expecting to see more of one type of sperm (since the man who was being tested had either only boys or only girls,) they still found equal ratios of both X and Y.

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If Men Have Equal Amounts Of Y and X Sperm, Why Do Some Men Keep Producing Boys Over And Over?: There is no question whatsoever that science has shown us that healthy men with no reproductive abnormalities produce both boy and girl producing sperm in mostly equal amounts. The evidence for this is extremely difficult to dispute. But even with all of this evidence, some people are unconvinced because there is so arguing with the fact that the man in question has only fathered boys. Here is something to consider. Since the sperm contains equal numbers of both girl and boy producing sperm, you're going to have a 50 / 50 chance of getting a boy each and every time. And this doesn't matter if you've already had one boy or 10. The odds don't change because of your previous conceptions attempts. They are always about equal.

Now, there are some variables that influence your baby's gender, but often, they relate to the woman instead of to the man. For example, a woman's PH, the timing of conception as it relates to her ovulation, the sexual positions used, and whether the woman has an orgasm or not can all affect baby gender. (By the way, the woman having an orgasm makes a boy baby more likely, so maybe that is coming into play here.) So it could be that the women in this particular man's life had some of these variables that was also affecting which gender he kept producing.

I firmly believe that even if this woman's husband had been producing nothing but boys, there was no harm in trying to have a girl. In order to do so, she would need to make sure her PH was alkaline. She would need to conceive after ovulation. And she would want to avoid orgasm with the correct sexual positions.

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Gender selection is not a new concept; people have been trying to influence whether they have a boy baby or a girl baby for hundreds of years. Fortunately we now know a lot more about how our bodies work and for this reason we can influence our baby's gender or sex in many ways including what sexual position we use.

Why This Method of Getting Pregnant With a Boy Works

As you probably already know, it is the male or rather his sperm that is responsible for whether you have a boy or a girl baby. The Y chromosome sperm (boy sperm) is very fast and can reach the egg quickest in a race, but they don't live long and can often die within a day or two. The X chromosome sperm (girl sperm) live a lot longer (sometimes up to five days) and can reach the egg at any time, often once the boy sperm have already died off.

That means that timing is important in getting pregnant with a boy. The closer you can have sex to when you ovulate - when the egg is released - then the more chance you have of getting a boy baby.

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Best Sexual Position to Conceive a Boy Baby

So now that you know that you have to have sex as close to ovulation as possible so that the Y sperm reaches the egg first there are also a number of sexual intercourse positions that can help improve your chances of getting a boy.

The most common is the rear entry position (often called the doggie position). This is where the woman is either in all fours position kneeling on the bed or floor and the man enters her from behind, or she is lying on her stomach with her legs kneeling on the bed or floor. This gives access to deep penetration and so the sperm is deposited right at the entrance to the cervix. Since they are not very strong, the Y sperm has a shorter distance to travel and will more likely reach the egg first and you will conceive a boy.

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