Life is full of transitions. Some we choose and some sneak up on us. And even when we choose, a sneaky one can still slip in sideways.

To plan is necessary, but too much structure can be just as stressful as none at all. Best to always leave room for flexibility. This reminds me of the young tree and the older tree. The young sapling's branches can bend and flex to an impossible degree before breaking whereas the old tree's limbs will snap at the least degree of twist.

I'm certainly not a sapling, but neither do I consider myself an old tree (even when I'm 90 I'd never admit to it!), so keeping the flex in my physical, mental and emotional 'limbs' is a must if I am going to continue to avoid 'fractures'.

One area of rigidity for many of us, especially when it comes to pulling up roots and being transplanted, is getting rid of 'stuff'.

We become attached to our stuff. When you really look at it, it's not the stuff, it's what you attach to it. The memories, the 'I might need this some day' outlook, or 'after I lose weight it will fit me again' scenario.

For me, what really drove home the reality of stuff and our attachment to it, was the passing of my parents. After going through all of their belongings, what I kept were pictures, my Dad's watch, which miraculously stopped working on the day he died and shows the date of his passing, a favourite pink cap of Mum's and a couple of pieces of her jewelry, a few letters and greeting cards from them and family history documents.

What was so clear was the fact that when you experience that final transplant to the 'Other Side', none of it will go with you. You arrived with none and you will leave with none. It is not what you have while here on this planet, it is what you do while you are here on this planet.

We spend so much of our lives amassing things, things that we sometimes think will make us better, happier, make life easier, increase our self esteem or our value in other's eyes or simply help us feel more secure. It's when we think stuff is necessary and our very identity is tied up in them that we veer off on the wrong road.

No doubt you deserve to have things that give you a life of comfort, good health and enjoyment. And this is where goal setting comes in. You work with Universal Laws (eg: Law of Attraction), knowing that your stuff is 'on loan' to you to use while you are on this planet and it will not go with you when you leave. You deserve it because you live a life of contribution, not just to have things for your own use and comfort, but because when you have this kind of life, you are then much more able to contribute to the betterment of the lives of others.

Knowing all of this has been a tremendous help to us during this process of downsizing. We have relinquished 'things' and 'stuff' knowing that they will go on to someone else to use and enjoy. Because we are financially okay, we did not have the typical 'garage' or 'yard' sale, we sold very few of our belongings, and instead donated much of it. The feelings derived from this act, could never be matched by any amount of money.

If or when you find yourself in a 'moving' situation, perhaps thinking of these things can ease your parting with some of your stuff. What helped me most was this phrase:

I may love my stuff, but stuff doesn't love me back.

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