I always knew the Internet was going to be a big deal and revolutionize the world. I was one of those geeks you saw on the news who camped out all night in front of Office Depot waiting for the arrival of Windows 95. I was one of the first people in my community to own a personal computer and I couldn't wait to get on the "information super highway!"

Back then, I studied Guerilla Marketing and started a graphic design company that created beautiful, practical and smart marketing products. As time progressed, it was apparent that the Internet was taking the place of traditional marketing and then one day, I got an inside glimpse into the magnificent power of Internet marketing like never before!

It came in the way of this low-budget, online movie, The Secret. The only marketing this movie saw was in the form of Internet marketing. It was the most significant, mind-blowing viral marketing campaign I've ever witnessed... even to this date, which is three years later. The Secret was only available as a download at first, but it just exploded across the Universe and products were then manufactured to appease the people. Talk about brilliant marketing! (Plus, the content was amazing, which is a huge and essential factor!)

Look at the aftermath of The Secret. It has super-launched the careers of James Ray, John Assaraf and Michael Beckwith, who are all brilliantly using social media and Internet marketing to further their missions, by the way.

This movie changed my life profoundly on many levels. Its greatest impact was in the area of my spiritual growth and following close behind was the epiphany of the power of the Internet, viral marketing and social marketing. As a result of this new, first-hand knowledge, I altered my business to capture and best utilize this powerful tool beneath my fingertips! And today, I am a changed woman. Now, I am a multi-media Internet marketing goddess!

The Internet has made our world a much smaller and friendlier place. Old school marketing tactics are now somewhat barbaric and have been replaced with a kinder, gentler, small neighborhood approach. And this, my friends, makes my heart sing because for the first time in my marketing career, I am free to be me! The new paradigm says, "Let me see the real you. Let's connect. Let's drop the crap and relate to one another as people." The new marketing paradigm is all about transparency, authenticity and creating relationships, which is so feminine in nature and so honest.

I expect to see women stepping up and taking over the Internet marketing industry. This new shift is in alignment with our DNA. We have always been the gatherers of people. We can now express ourselves and our businesses in our authentic light, instead of some manufactured one we thought we had to do in order to be perceived professionally. This is a phenomenal time to be in business for yourself, and just to be alive, really. The shifts we are experiencing now are calling us out to be authentic, self reliant and purposeful with our lives. No more looking "out there" for the answers. We're being called to look within. How exciting is that?
I have much to say about this subject that I am so passionate about! In fact, I am in the midst of writing a book about it called, Goddess Marketing. It will be available this fall. The focus of Goddess Marketing is all about TRUST. I know that if you trust in these three things, you will be more successful than you ever imagined:

• Yourself
• Universal Law
• Multi-Media Internet Marketing

I can't wait to share more with you, and I will next week, but like you, I've got work to do, kids to drive around...
Bye for now and take good care!

Charlene Murphy

Author's Bio: 

I am a promoting and publishing goddess! I love shining the light on super helpful people and teaching them how to promote themselves using my unique style of marketing, that I call “Goddess Marketing”, which includes trusting in three things: yourself, Universal law and multi-media marketing tools.

We are in business for two reasons (at least myself and the type of client I attract)

1. To improve the world by helping people, while utilizing our inherent gifts
2. To make a prosperous living doing what we love