As a women if there has been one predominant challenge in my life it has been overcoming my childhood training in how work like a man in a man's world. I decided in my 20's that trying to be a man in man's world is not fulfilling for me as a woman.

So I sought a way that would fulfill me. I sought a womans way of working. Firstly I started reading books, I was very interested in what older matriarchal societies would have felt like. But I didn't find what I was looking for. There is very little information available on this. HERstory seems to have been completely wiped out by HIStory.

So then I embarked on finding within myself what this femanine way of working would be and I was led to notice my rhythms. One thing that I had noticed about the man's world of working was that a woman is required to remain constant in it. But women aren't constant, we have cycles and to ignore this is to ignore our own womanhood. So I decided that I needed to work in a way which allowed me to work when I was feeling like working, and to take a break when I didn't feel like working. That need was noted. Well that pretty much rules out working for anyone else unless they were of the same persuasion.

I also noticed that I needed to work in my flow to be my most productive. This was not by doing the very male thing of planning my day and what I would do in it beforehand, but by allowing myself the freedom of doing whatever I felt like doing at any point in time. You might think that this would lead to some things just not getting done, but I haven't experienced that at all. In fact, I have found that by working in this way, I get more done, because everything gets done at the right time for me to do it. Saying that, I never feel like doing my taxes, I pay someone else to do that!

Then I noticed that instead of laying out firm plans in the way that I would conduct business I would instead rely on my intuition, which for me is also a very female trait. This means, for example, that instead of having plans to contact certain people at certain times, I contact people when they pop into my head. This way I always contact people at the right time for them too.

After finding out these needs in myself, I then went about creating the work that would fulfill these needs. Of course, I had the intention to find myself this work, and this focussed attention led the Universe to bring me the perfect business opportunity to allow me to work in this very femanine way.

Now I am wondering whether this is just an ideal for me, for women, or whether men would embrace this change too. Maybe then we can start making herstory again.

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Claire Louise Hay is a healer, a psychic and a network marketer with Life Force international. If you are interested in working in a similar way visit Claire at