I've been doing a lot of thinking lately about footings. Since I have spent my entire career in the building supply industry, a footing is always a good thing when I see one!! That means something is happening....someone is investing...someone is building...maybe, someone is going to buy something from me. So, footings are good....IF....they are done correctly.

When we begin to build a structure, we must first prepare the way to get into the site. I discussed that in my last post. We must construct a road, grade it off correctly...maybe even put gravel on it so we won't have trouble when we find ourselves slipping and sliding around after a snow or rain. In our lives and relationships, those same principles are true. At some time or the other, even if our relationships are on solid ground, we may face those storms of life that make us slip and slide around. We must be prepared.

Now, we can get into the lot....what is next?? We must clear off the lot. Get rid of things that don't need to be there. Prepare the actual site. When we do this, we are starting the process of reaching our goal of having a beautiful home in a beautiful setting. Look at this peaceful video of a beautiful homesite that will soon be where a family loves to live.

When the site (or relationship or business) is cleared of all necessary debris and hindrances, we are ready to dig the footing. The footing is the most important part of any structure. Sometimes, as we begin to dig, we find trash that has to be removed, or unstable dirt that is not acceptable, or other items that will make it difficult to have a successful finished product. So, those things must be removed. Could there be a friendship that has become unstable that we need to repair? Is there some garbage from the past that is keeping you from finding your successes? Is there any items in your way? If so, they need to be moved so that the footing can be dug and your project can begin. Just as you will see in this video, we must dig down through any of that "Stuff" to get to solid ground. This house, my business, your life...all must rest on solid ground.

The footing accomplishes more than just a firm foundation. It gives us the first view of the "Footprint" of the structure. It lets us know the parameters that we are dealing with. Is the house too big? too small? Does it face the wrong direction? Will it be satisfactory and sufficient? All of these things are important, and must be determined before we pour concrete inside the footing. That is when we "should" be ready to start building on top of the work that we have completed. If we do things correctly here, the rest of the project will likely find a satisfactory end. If the foundation of our lives is set on the "SOLID ROCK" we will be much more likely to find an end that we will feel so blessed to have.

Finally, pouring the concrete into the footing is the start of what we want to become a great blessing. Maybe it is a home to rear our children in....or a marriage to the one that God has blessed us with...or a business that can provide a service to the community and can provide a living for those we love. It is the first step in reaching our goals.

Remember, my motto is:

Building up Homes

Building up Businesses

Building up Others

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During a career than spans nearly forty years, I have owned and operated businesses that were involved in construction, building material supply and transportation. At this point in my life, I have made a decision to re-tool, re-train, and re-brand myself to better prepare for the future global economy. I value highly the truth of scripture, the worth of people, and the necessity of high moral and ethical conduct in my life.