It's Time to Shine!

You've waited long enough, hiding your talents,
putting a lid on your brilliance… It's time to shine
so others will benefit from what you have to offer!

This definitely scares many people -- Shining? Really? Isn't that dangerous?

It's time for all of us to take the lid off our uniqueness and allow our unique gifts to shine. Maybe you've been hiding your professional talents, maybe you've been hiding your humor, your compassion, or your skills at home. We are here to shine and to offer our gifts to others as they offer theirs to us. Kind of exciting... unless you are too scared!

Why are you hiding what you have to offer?

Are you afraid of your power?

Everyone has "reasons" to hold themselves back. We all have "yes, buts" that make us want to hide our potential or our power. We all have experiences that remind us it's better to "play it small." But it's time... time to heal these conflicts and be the best human being we are capable of being.

As those of you who have been following my work know, I love working with people's "yes, buts" that block them from being all that they can be. Below are some typical "yes buts" that might be holding you back. See how true they sound to you…

(1) I'm afraid to shine because I don't know how "they" will react.

Unfortunately, this is very common. At some time in your past, did you notice negative reactions from others to your excelling or being successful? Perhaps someone else was jealous or unhappy when you were at your most successful. The unknown can be scary, but this of course can be a useful target with EFT.

(2) I don't want to shine because I was taught that it's "selfish."

Did you learn this, that standing out was bringing too much attention to yourself? Standing out by being your best will actually help others believe they can do good things too, so in fact, it's the opposite of being selfish!

(3) I'm afraid to shine because someone might hurt me (again...).

What happened the "last time" you stood out by being successful? Whatever happened can be formed into an excellent tapping target for EFT. Use tapping to release the trauma or feelings associated with standing out and being hurt because you were viewed as powerful.

(4) I don't want to do the work it might take to shine.

Being excellent at what you do does take time and effort, there's no doubt about it. But is this fear of doing the work worth making yourself hide your talents and abilities?

(5) It's not safe to shine.

What would be "unsafe" about shining or standing out? What might happen? What's going to happen? Tap on feeling unsafe until you realize you can make yourself safe no matter what happened in the past.

(6) I don't think I have that much to offer others anyway.

Really? Where did you get this idea? Who told you this? Each of us has so much talent in several areas of life. We are depriving others if we aren't being the best we can be at what we do and how we live our lives.

(7) I won't know who I'll be if I start shining now…

This "identity" issue could block you from thinking it's a good idea to shine! If you've always led a mediocre life, maybe shining feels too uncomfortable, too different for you, and you'd rather stay as you are. "Even though I'm afraid to change..."

Do any of these reasons listed above resonate with you? Are you holding yourself back because of any of these fears or levels of resistance? If so, they are all tappable issues with EFT.

The important question is:

Why aren't you already shining and
bringing your unique brilliance to others?

You may be able to identify your block to shining by asking yourself questions rather than measuring the truth of the above statements. See if any of the questions below help you uncover what's blocking you from shining and from being the best you can be.

What's the "downside" to being your most successful self?

• Does it feel "safe" to imagine yourself shining?

• Are you more comfortable staying the way you are?

• Are you afraid to try something new or to be powerful?

• Did something bad happen the last time you let yourself shine?

Another way to trigger the "yes but" reaction, (which then becomes a tappable issue with EFT) is to start imagining yourself shining in your job, your marriage, or your community, and then identify and measure what feelings surface. Are these fears or "stops" something you need to tap on?

For example, picture yourself shining and standing out with success in your job. Do you get any tightness in your body or images that it may not be safe? If so, this would be a great target for tapping with EFT.

Imagine yourself shining more in your family, taking more of a leadership role, pitching in more, being more responsible. Are there any "yes but" reactions surfacing now? If so, you could use them as tapping targets.

Suppose you really started shining in your community, and became a leader in providing service and helping others who need help right now. Or maybe you start contributing to programs already in progress that might improve your community. How does it feel? If you don't feel good picturing yourself in this new role, you have some tapping to do!

It's your choice...
Choose to shine in your field, your family,
and your life, and watch the Universe
contribute to your abundance!

Below are some of the benefits of shining in your personal and professional life.

(1) Allowing yourself to shine ignites your own creativity, and you and others will enjoy and benefit from this.

(2) Allowing yourself to shine invites others to benefit from being around the energy of your excellence - you become a model for them.

(3) Allowing yourself to shine will help you attract more abundance than you'll ever need, so you'll be able yourself and others.

(4) Allowing yourself to shine will raise your vibration right now!

When we allow ourselves to shine instead of putting a lid on our talents, our love, or our compassion, our vibration immediately improves and the Universe "hears" that we are ready to handle great things!

Raise your vibration
by choosing to take Time to Shine and
watch the Universe join your efforts to succeed!

As Law of Attraction teachers say -- it's all energy! So change your energy by being inspired to shine, which in turn will inspire others to shine. It will automatically invite the Universe to help you create and attract more abundance right now.

Remember, the Law of Attraction sends you situations that have the same energy of the vibration you are putting out... so when you are intending to shine and do your best at everything you do, the Universe will bring you the experiences you are choosing!

Below you will find EFT setup phrases to help you eliminate the blocks to being the most "successful you" possible.

When you change your vibration,
you will change your life.

Start shining right now!

The EFT SETUP Phrases for this topic are as follows:
While tapping the karate chop spot on either hand, repeat these phrases out loud, (or change the words to fit your exact situation).
"Even though I'm afraid to succeed and shine, I accept who I am anyway."
"Even though I don't feel safe when I shine, I accept how I feel and who I am."

"Even though I don't want to get in trouble for shining, I accept all of me now."

I have indicated where to tap while saying each of the phrases below. You may repeat the positive round more than once if you wish.

***Below are phrases that focus on the problem***

Eyebrow: "I'm afraid to shine."
Side of Eye: "What if they get mad at me?"
Under Eye: "I'm afraid to succeed and shine."
Nose: "It doesn't feel safe to shine."
Chin: "I didn't even know that I could shine."
Collarbone: "I'm not sure I have that much to offer."
Under Arm: "I think it's easier to stay where I am."
Head: "I'd rather not get in trouble for standing out and shining."

***Now for the positive phrases that focus on the solution***

Eyebrow: "What if I am supposed to succeed, even shine?"
Side of Eye: "When others shine, I know they help me."
Under Eye: "Maybe I should try to shine at what I'm good at."
Nose: "I wonder what would happen if I started to shine..."
Chin: "It might feel much better to start shining now..."
Collarbone: "Maybe it would be fun to try and succeed and shine."
Under Arm: "I am considering showing up and shining!"
Head: "I choose to shine right now."

Access more positive vibrations with the Law of Attraction by repeating the following phrases (while tapping or not):

Thank You, Universe for helping me learn how to shine and be at my best, I feel the vibrational shift already!

Thank You, Universe for allowing me to access my shining creativity, it feels so powerful!

Thank You, Universe for bringing me new ways to succeed and shine, it feels so good!

Keep tapping, and enjoy using the Law of Attraction to bring more of what you want into your life!

Author's Bio: 

Carol Look is a success and abundance coach in the energy psychology field. Her specialty is inspiring clients to attract abundance into their lives by using EFT and the Law of Attraction to clear limiting beliefs, release resistance and build “prosperity consciousness.” Before becoming an EFT Master, Carol was trained as a Clinical Social Worker and earned her Doctoral Degree in Clinical Hypnotherapy.