There are more and more bisexual couples complained that hard to find and meet a nice bi woman or man through dating sites, so many spam and most of them for sex or fun, not only for date. But complaining doesn't solve the problem. It's never to late to meet the one you've always wanted to date. Here are some things, if you like, you can have a try! Maybe can help you to meet a nice bi.

1.No one is in charge of your happiness, except yourself
So, when the next feel miserable,
don't give the finger to others.

2.What other people think of you is none of your business.

This world only has three things:
Your things, Other people's business, God thing.
So, don't mind being yourself, bisexual, lesbian or transgender, gay..
Just be yourself.

3.Your job won't take care of you when you are sick.Your friends will stay in touch.
So, Remember to keep in touch with your friends.
True friendship will stand the test of any kind,
Thank for the time, space, and help you eliminate those who cry, laugh,
And the rest, please learn to cherish.

4.Lonely people will always remember his life occurred in each person.

5.Keep smile and laugh more.
People who love smile is lucky.

Do you mind joining any bisexual dating sites? Especially some dating sites have to pay to become a gold member. Do you want to meet and date bisexual women or couples? Are you disappointed with many dating sites? If you are tired of dating sites, why not go out or listen to your favorite music? Deep breathing, self-massage, eat some frozen grapes, take a walk, exercise, drink a glass of water, call a support buddy, post on a support forum and so on....

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