When have you ever come to a job knowing everything there is to know about it?

You can learn skills and techniques to apply to all manner of jobs and activities but that doesn’t automatically turn into being good at something infact approaching something with a whole raft of learnt knowledge often can be a hindrance.

This is one of the reasons why i'm not much of a fan of the structured learning systems of Schools, (they are getting better in places such as New Zealand) but for the most part they simply train you to absorb information just in case it can apply to something you end up doing in the future, so by the end of however many years of education you get you know all sorts of things that may or may not come in handy.

The major benefits of the education system are the systems, the tried and tested methods and formulas that allow for quick and easy understanding, but to actually be skilful and able when it comes to something completely new requires something different.

And that thing is more like an approach than a skill. Although i myself have yet to properly embrace it i have seen examples of this in practice and as far as i can figure out what’s needed is the ability to be flexible and grasp the concept of the job or activity rather than the strict skill sets and rules, you have to be ready to learn and to alter your approach if something doesn’t work and most of all apply your mind to the structure of what your doing.

Everything has a structure and system that is (in it's own way) logical especially if it's a job or something designed by someone to be used or worked so if you can understand the logic of whatever it is your dealing with then your mind will seek out the patterns needed to perform the task with the greatest efficiency.

Think about those people who are just automatically good at everything they do, and can be capable and effective even when they are just starting out. There's no way they already knew how to do everything they do they don't spend hours at night studying absolutely everything just incase, they just know that it's how you do a thing not the tools you use to do it that matters.

We are truly remarkable creatures with advanced pattern recognition and an ever growing and changing intelligence the only thing that can stand in our way is ourselves and the limitations we accept.

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Bede Batters
Online Marketer and Webmaster