It's Been Years and I Still Love My Ex: It's Been 2 Years and I Still Miss My Ex

Do you find yourself still thinking "I still love my ex"? If you do it is time to figure out what you want to do about it. It is natural to still have love for your ex if you were together for a while. As a couple you shared many special memories and got close to one another. This is not easy to forget. So when you say "I still love my ex" what are you saying?

When you say that you still love your ex are you saying that you want your ex back or is there still some lingering love in your thoughts of your ex? You were once in love and that is not something that can be easily taken away. Just because you have love towards your ex does not mean that you are going to get back together. You need to take a close look at your feelings and decide what it is that you want.

After some careful evaluation of your feelings and you decide that your love is just a lingering feeling you have left then do nothing. Your relationship with your ex will either slowly drift away or you will remain good friends.

If you decide that saying "I still love my ex" is an emotion stemming from wanting your ex back then you have some work to do. You should talk to your ex and see if there is any chance of getting back together. Don't just drop the bomb and scare your ex away but go with the flow and see how things go. You will be able to tell if the feeling is mutual. If the two of you decide you want to get back together then the only work left to do is keeping your relationship together this time.

At this point you are going to have to work through the issues that split you two up in the first place. You should seek advice or counseling especially if there are children involved. You do not want to continue the cycle of breaking up and getting back together. You need to seek advice from somebody that is trained to build your relationship together stronger than ever. The two of you need to start fresh and make the relationship stronger.

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If you are currently despairing about your failed relationship and you want your ex back into your life, then you are not alone. Thousands of recently singled individuals who experienced the same heartbreaking situation as you do exist all over the world and I am here to tell you that there is still a chance to regain your lost lover.

Follow these tips mentioned below and you will more likely get back the person you never want to lose in your life:

1. You should first determine whether the lost relationship is still worth pursuing - Search your inner self for answers to important questions such as whether getting back the lost relationship will be beneficial to your growth as a person or not. Before deciding on making steps to regain your lost lover, you should decide truthfully if pursuing your loved one will improve your life in the future before proceeding on concrete actions to woo your love back to you.

2. If you choose to pursue your lost love back, then first identify all mistakes that you have done to your ex - Check your past actions and enumerate all the wrong things you have done while still in the relationship. This will allow you to concretely know the mistakes that led to the break up which you should never repeat once you successfully get your love back to your arms.|

3. Apologize to your ex for everything hurtful you have done - As human beings, we all commit mistakes in our lives so make sure that you repair the damages you have done by apologizing sincerely.

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4. If your ex was the one who committed mistakes in the past then it's time that you forgive him/her for their wrong doings - Although your ex may have cheated on you in the past, if you really want him/her back into your life then you should learn how to forgive. If you want to regain lost love, then forgiving your ex for whatever wrong things they have done is a crucial step towards establishing a new loving relationship with him/her again.

5. Show your ex the person whom they fell in love with in the past - Make sure that you look and feel as charming and attractive as the first time your ex fell in love with you. If you want to gain back lost love, then bring back the feelings of attraction that has once tied you together in each other's arms.

6. Be the best that you can be so your ex will want you back - Go out and get a life of your own, one that brings about the best in you. Engage in your passion and interest so you can show you're ex a more responsible and daunting person that anyone would want to be with for life.

7. Never date another person to make your ex jealous so you won't drive him/her away from you - Don't be so desperate and use another person just to get your ex's attention because this is not a good thing to do. You will only drive your ex away from you because he/she might think that you have already moved on to a new relationship. Always stay true to yourself and to your ex by showing him/her in small ways that you still consider them the most important person in your life.

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Dealing with a breakup the right way is a learned reaction. If you've never gone through a breakup before, your first instinct will be desperation and panic. You'll feel frustrated and confused like you aren't really in control of your emotions. However, you can learn to control these feelings and think rationally about the situation. This allows you to decide what you want and then effectively move on or take the necessary actions to get your ex back.

Avoiding Thoughts Of Revenge

When someone breaks up with you, your first thought might be, "I'm going to make them regret losing me. I'll make them jealous and make them feel miserable so they know what I'm going through." Revenge is not the answer, and it only comes back to bite you in the end. It is extremely immature and only confirms to everyone, including your ex, that breaking up with you was the right thing to do.

Figuring Out What Went Wrong

Instead of seeking revenge, try to assess what went wrong in the relationship. This is an important step even if you want to move on and have no intention of getting back together with your ex. Every relationship is a learning experience, and you can learn a lot from a breakup that will help you in future relationships.

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You can learn what you're really looking for in a partner as well as things you need to personally improve on. For example, you might discover that you are the jealous type or have a tendency to only care about your own needs and not the needs of your partner. Reflection is an important aspect of dealing with a breakup.

The Concept Of Moving On Even If You Want Your Ex Back

One of the best ways to deal with a breakup is to accept it and move on. Close one chapter in your life and open another. If you want your ex back, this doesn't mean you give up on that idea, but instead it means you are going to continue living your life as a happy and confident individual. It's about knowing in your heart and in your mind that you're going to be OK no matter what happens between you and your ex. If you get back together with your ex, it will be a fresh start instead of holding on to past grudges.

Dealing with a breakup is never easy, but having patience and confidence will be key to winning back the love of your life.

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Sometimes you can do some really bad things without even realizing in your pursuit of getting your ex partner. Despite the innocence of your intentions, you can end up killing your last chance of getting your ex back, so this calls for exercise of greater caution in choosing a plan to get your ex back.

All you want is to make your ex start talking to you again and the best way to achieve this daunting task appears to you to communicate to your ex how you feel after the breakup. Now, this strategy only turns out to be counterproductive and repels your ex further away from you.

So why is calling your ex immediately after the breakup so dangerous? Actually, you are entitled to an explanation because your future is on the line. The fact of the matter is that since the breakup you've made up your mind that you want your ex back, but your ex hasn't quite started thinking on these lines.

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In fact, you ex is not even in the mood of returning to talking terms with you, and trying to push your ex too far may be too dangerous! Yes, your concern is understandable about your ex and you want to talk to him/her only to know is if your ex is fine or not. But your ex may not see your action in the same light.

It sounds a bit paradoxical but the only way you and your ex can live together again is by parting ways for a few weeks. You need to get your life back on track by doing things that you normally do in fact by finding new interests in your surroundings. You'll have to find things that can keep you busy enough to prevent you from calling your ex. And besides you need to tidy up and get your act together so that your ex finds it easy to return.

You'll be amazed that just in a few days you'll have so much more to do than to think of the breakup. Your life will start rolling along in good company of your family and friends. Meanwhile, your ex will also figure out that perhaps you and your ex are meant to be together. As soon as gossip about your life gets to your ex partner, he/she will conclude that they're better off ending the breakup to start a fresh relationship with you again.

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