It's Been A Month Since We Broke Up: It's Been Months And I Still Miss My Ex

It has been a month after you break off with your ex and you wonder if it is possible to get back with your ex. How possible it is to get an ex back after a month?

It depends on the situation. If your ex is not in a relationship with another person, your chance of winning back him or her is definitely higher, but even if she or he is, that does not mean you do not stand a chance to get your ex back.

I believe you have probably given your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend enough space and time to think of this relationship for the past one month. Here are some tips to share on how to get an ex back after a month.

I am quite sure that you still miss your ex a lot and you really wish that you can hug and kiss him or her right now, but no matter how much you want to get back together with your ex, please do not start by appearing at his doorstep or blasting his phone with your calls all day long. This is going to show how desperate you are and he or she will definitely be very irritated by your actions.

If you want to attract your ex's attention on you again, you should learn to be positive and better than the time you were with him or her. Remember, only good things catch people's attention. So, you have to show how confident and happy you are now. Maintain a good relationship with your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend if both of you are starting to talk again, but never express out your interest in getting back together so soon. Make each conversation or meeting as comfortable as you can. Your purpose is to make your ex fall back in love with you by winning his or her trust again.

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How to get my ex back after a month? Perhaps you have broken up with your ex for almost 30 days. Now, you are wondering how to get your ex back. You do not know what steps you need to take.

Well, don't worry too much. In this article, we are going to help you explore your options.

But before we begin, it is extremely important for you to know what kinds of mistakes you should avoid. I have seen many men and women making the same mistakes because they are not aware of it. Doing the wrong things can cause you to lose your lover forever.

This is covered by the video I have prepared for you. You can find out more about this video towards the end of this article.

For now, let us talk about your options after 30 days.

Why 1 Month or 30 Days

First, it is usually a good idea to cut off contact with your ex for at least 30 days after a break up. They are 2 purposes for doing so.

1) You are probably too emotional after a break up. You are probably feeling confused too. Being too emotional and confused is not going to help you get a boyfriend or girlfriend back.

2) You are also giving your ex the time and space that they need.

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After 1 Month, What Should You Do?

Now that 1 month is over, I am going to make some assumptions.

I am assuming that you have already spent enough time thinking about what you want out of this relationship.

I am assuming that you still love your ex. That is why you are trying to get him or her back.

I am assuming that you believe this relationship is worth saving.

Last but not least, I am also assuming that you can control your emotions now. You also have a clearer mind now.

If my assumptions are correct, you can begin taking your 1st step.

How to Get My Ex Back After a Month - Ask Your Ex Out!

It is time to contact your ex. The purpose of this meeting is just to see how your ex is doing. You should not rush to get back together with him or her. You just want to be friends again.

This is also a good opportunity for you to gauge whether he or she still has any feelings for you. For example, you can trying touching him or her accidentally. How does he or she react? From the reaction, you will be able to see whether you still stand a chance.

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The whole ordeal of being separated from them has taken a horrible toll on you. All those sleepless nights have left you with one thing one your mind, getting your ex back. You know that you miss them and that you need them in your life, but you just don't know how to make it happen. If there were ways to make them come back you would do it in a heartbeat. Well, don't worry; below are a few helpful tips that can help you to make the person you love come back to you with open arms.

Correct your wrong ways

If you are the one to blame for the break up then try to think of a list of things that you may have done wrong. If you can manage to think of something, then try to work hard to fix them while you and your ex are apart. This will send a positive signal that you do care for their feelings.

When can I see you again?

Avoid asking this question immediately after the break up. This can raise a red flag to your ex and make them get a little nervous and turned off. You need to wait a while before you try to make any contact with them.

Let them release some steam

When you finally get the chance to talk to your ex, allow him or her to express what they really feel about you and the break up. If you listen to them carefully you may be able to work out a plan to make things right.

What if your lover has moved on? Here's how to get them back.

Rekindle the love

Try to discuss things from the past with your ex. Make sure that you bring up only the good times that you both shared. You don't want to talk about anything negative as that might make them leave for good.

Can we be friends?

This one can be tricky. If you can manage to ask your ex to remain buddies make sure you do it in such a way that they feel comfortable and that it is not a last ditch effort to make them return. Your ex should not feel they are under any kind of pressure to reunite with you.

Did my ex mention me?

Try asking friends and family if your ex has ever talked about you after the break up. Another thing that might help is to discuss with them about your feeling to patch up with you ex. If they see that you really love your ex then they may consider giving you a helping hand.

Be the bigger person

Sometimes all you need to do is explain to your ex that you were in fact wrong and that you would really want them forgive you and accept your love.

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Did you know that almost everything you are doing right now is actually pushing your ex away? Well that is a shocking claim to make, but let me explain exactly why you cannot get your ex back. You see, there are a few key things which you must stop doing to finally be able to pull your ex back, otherwise you will only come across as desperate, needy, depressing, and just plain pathetic! So, unless you don't want your ex back, I strongly urge you to avoid doing these deadly mistakes around your ex....

1) Calling, calling, calling, calling and calling, calling etc... you get my point- This is damn annoying, when you think about it, and all it does is make your ex want to ignore you even more. As well, it makes you look so desperate that it causes your ex to never want to take you back, so stop calling your ex.

2) Arguing with your ex over the past and present- You cannot force your ex to take you back, and by arguing you will actually make your ex further assert his/her mind not to take you back. Just when you thought that you were trying to argue reasons for him/her to get back together with you, what you actually just did was caused your ex to think of counter arguments, which only makes him/her certain that the breakup was the right thing to do.

3) Chasing your ex and running after him- This means you literally stalk your ex in real life, whether at his/her work, school etc... and you also follow your ex around online etc. You would literally run after your ex every second of the day, and what this does is it makes your ex take you for granted. However, if you were to stop chasing your ex, the lack of attention from your end would make your ex instantly seek your attention!

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