It's Been 3 Months Since We Broke Up: Still Hurting 3 Months After Breakup

When couples or people in love break up and separate, it is common to experience a complete lack of direction in the process of getting an ex back. The recommended starting point should be to give your ex space. Taking this first bold step will be beneficial to you. Although this is difficult, owing to the fact that the phenomenon called love plays games with the human mind, it should not be overlooked. Creating Space between the both of you in order for you to clear your heads is essential. If up to this point, being months after your separation, you have not done this, now is the time to start.

The gains of this strategy on how to get an ex back after months includes the fact that during the time when you stop sending emails, text messages and calling your ex, he or she begins to miss you as it is said that absence makes the heart grow fonder. If your ex still has feelings for you, thoughts and memories of the lovely times you spent together will occupy his or her mind.

Since you have made up your mind to get your ex back, this period when you cut off communications for a while should not be spent daydreaming. Instead you should use this period to figure out what actually went wrong with the relationship in the first place, so that when you eventually get your ex back, you would not repeat the same mistakes.

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At the point when you get back in shape for a relationship and feel you have gotten yourself together, you can reach out to your ex just to say hello and find out what he or she is really up to. This can be set in a simple outing together for a cup of coffee or a walk. Use this time to determine if your ex still has feelings for you. If you get any signals that he or she is still interested, remember what attracted your ex to you in the first place and begin to re-enact it.

Usually people see something in a person that makes them fall in love with the person, when that thing of interest is altered or another repulsive variable is introduced into the relationship, problems arise. Sit down and ask your self why your ex fell in love with you the first time, what trait in you pulled them into a relationship, then reinvent yourself, your character and style to suit that picture.

Simply put, give your ex some space initially after a break up, figure out what went wrong in the relationship so as to avoid them and when you get in contact with your ex again, display the characteristics that they love to see in you.

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You're trying to win back the heart of your ex, but you're at a loss for words. You know how you feel, you know what you're thinking, but the words just don't seem to be coming out to help you. Well, here are a couple of things you can say to your ex to get their attention and get them back in your life.

"I love you"

This is the easiest one in the book. Three simple words that are probably the most profound words you can say to a person. If you've never said it to your ex before, or just didn't say it very often, this is a sure bet. Everyone likes to know that they're loved.

"I can't live without you"

It sounds corny, and your ex will be able to tell if you're just saying it, or if you mean it. If you do mean, don't be afraid to say it. Get it out; let them know how you feel. Chances are that they feel the exact same way but are having the same problems of not being able to say it.

"I'm willing to try"

This is a good one because it acknowledges that there were problems before, but now you're willing to put some efforts to correct those problems and create a better relationship between you both. They will want to know that you're willing to invest in the relationship.

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"I understand"

This is a good one because it lets them know that you're aware of their feelings and you not only support them, but understand what they feel. It's difficult to deal with when you finally do get your feelings out there, but the other person doesn't fully understand them. So, letting them know you do understand puts you on the fast track to working things out.

"What is it that you need?"

By asking them this question, you will let them know that not only are you willing to try to make it work, but you're open to giving them what they need as well. So far, it's been all about you. But this lets them know that what they need and feel is important, too.

"Will you marry me?"

It's a huge step, but if your relationship is that involved and you honestly feel as if you can't live without them, it's the logical step. No one says you have to get married right away, but by asking you show that you're willing to make a commitment.

"I'll do whatever it takes"

Telling them this opens the door to almost anything. It lets them know that you're ready to make the sacrifices and compromises necessary to make your relationship work again.

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Have you ever had to make a decision about something, made a choice, only to find that you did the wrong thing? You regret your decision for the rest of your life, and wish that you could have that chance all over again. Well, this is precisely what you need to do to succeed in getting your ex back. You need to make your ex realizes his/her mistake in breaking up with you, and really, really, regret it.

So, it stands to reason then, when I tell you that anything nasty that you say or do from now on, will have the exact opposite effect? Great, so cut out all the begging and pleading from now on - this makes your ex feel guilty, and you look really weak in your ex's eyes.

No, you need to make yourself so attractive to your ex that he/she will want to kick him/herself for calling off the relationship. You have to make your ex look at you with totally different eyes, and absolutely yearn to be with you again. First of all, you need to give your ex the impression that you are absolutely happy, full of confidence, and really, really, content with your life as it is. This is the first step to getting your ex back.

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Since you have stopped trying to contact your ex, he/she imagines that you are sitting at home crying your eyes out - instead, he/she hears that you are having an absolute blast, and are not bothered at all by the break up. Your ex is going to go all out to see this for him/her self, and when this happens, your ex is going to positively drool!

You look so stunning, are radiantly happy, loaded with confidence, and above all, very, very popular! Man, does your ex regret breaking up with you now! Your ex is immediately gong to figure out ways to get you back again, come what may.

So, now that the ball is in your ex's court, you can just sit around and relax - you'll be getting your ex back any day now - all your efforts have paid off.

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Step #1: Ignore your ex- This sounds crazy too, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do, and this is definitely something that you have to do! So act like your ex doesn't exist. It is hard, but you must do this so that your ex can get off of that damn pedestal you put him/her on, from giving all of the attention that you did.

Step #2: Have your friends say things now that you are out of the picture- Your ex will do anything to prove anyone but you wrong. At the moment that is the sad fact, but it is also a useful fact, that if for example, one of your friends were to say something that your ex didn't agree with, well maybe your ex will begin trying to prove them wrong!

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So have your friends mention these kinds of statements around your ex:

"She is doing so good now that she is not with (your ex's name), because he was always holding her back"

"He is dating this really hot chick now, and the other girlfriend was really dull and boring, and also never did anything he liked anyways..."

"She is more fun now that she doesn't have her deadbeat ex around her..."

Do you get my point here? Basically you want your ex to feel guilty for holding you back during the relationship, and you want your ex to feel like he/she wasn't good enough for you or your friends. The reason for this is, it will hurt your ex in a way that your ex will not want this to be his/her last impression. Therefore your ex will instantly be getting to work afterward trying to prove your friends wrong, so don't be too surprised if you find your ex suddenly acting extremely nice to you.

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