It is clear that an accepted belief these days is that all is love. That all things exist because of love. In Sufism, we say that God is love and out of God’s love all things have come into being. So nothing exists save love.

It is also commonly accepted that very few people know true love and what love really is, never mind have or share it. And this is the cause of much anguish.

Also, it is common that people are unfulfilled in life, regardless of their belief about love, having it or not, or its permeating existence in all things.

So we shall look at some thoughts. First that creativity comes with the warning; “Use it or else!” Meaning that if we have the creative ability and do not use it, a desire, a gift or talent, it will turn from a gift to a curse.

How this happens is that the gift of Love, which is the source of all desires and creativity, is perpetually growing, and if not expressed, outgrows its container. Like a cow who is not milked, the udder fills continually with the creation of milk until it expands, causing great pain to the cow.

All desires stem from love. In this path, we must always look at the cause rather than the effect, and continue the chain of seeking the cause of all our actions or desires or things that come to us in order to understand them by finding the source. When you can do this to the degree that you go to states before you where born, step by step, with each days events, you will find your ultimate creator. But that is not the point of this lesson, nonetheless, good to consider or ask questions about.

Can you see how all desires come from a love of someone or something or all things? When you see that, you will know how to deal with your desires and not allow the unfulfilled ones to pester your mind and thoughts. When that happens, you will be able to achieve the quiet mind required for meditation and other goals on the spiritual as well as material paths.

So far, I have given you several separate thoughts which we must now begin to assemble.

  1. True desires come from an ultimate desire to do for the sake of love.
  2. The ability to fulfill, or even conceive of a desire, is made possible by the faculty of creativity. The manner of expression of a particular desire will be manifested according to each particular persons inherent skills and essence. For instance, each person from a different field will see the same event in relation to their field of work. The same painting may make a businessman who owns an art gallery think of the artist and what the painting is worth, another artist will take it in respect to his style of painting, a paint manufacturer will look at the colors, quality and texture of the paint itself.
  3. Unexpressed love does not stop the desire to love from continuing to grow within us, which causes pain due to it not being released.
  4. The pain of unexpressed love can only be dealt with if understood. If it is not understood, it is seen or surfaces as depression.
  5. Love is expressed in two possible ways. First through loving a person or some being, second through expressing our creative talents, whatever they may be for each person.
  6. These things must be understood in order to clear the stagnation of energy and open the doors for love to enter our life as well as give us the ability to express it so that our pain will ease.
  7. Understanding these things in their deepest levels, gives the one who understands, the ability to aid others in finding the means of expressing their creativity through the living of the principles.

There are so many people that find life frustrating or are unfulfilled. Yet others are happy. The state of mind has to do with expressing your creativity. The reason we do not express our inherent talents can be connected to not knowing what our line of work is so we do not know what we are creative about, and so cannot express our inherent talents. It could be a creative way of picking up the garbage.

One of the brightest souls I have met is a man who drives a garbage truck. He works alone on that big truck, stopping at each house and getting out to empty the garbage cans. He does not merely stop and get out, he bounces and fly’s as he does his job, and swings the garbage cans with the flair of a master juggler, singing all the time. This man is fulfilling his destiny and his eyes show how he loves life and is fulfilled, at peace and pure.

We each have a job to do, but your ego, due to the high aspirations of your parents and demands of your free country where they tell you that anyone can be president, shoot for the top, make you turn your back on what God has sent you here to do.

We are each a spark of the Divine light. We are each created with a unique difference, one from the other, with a special skill or talent which is what the individual spark that is you must express. The problems we have are due to our society telling you what a good little spark will do. So you do not climb your mountain, but rather someone else’s. So the spark that is you is burning inside you rather than outside. And this spark is boiling the water of creativity and expression, but you are not allowing the steam from the boiling water created by the Divine Spark that you are to vent. Do you see what is happening inside you. Is it any wonder why you may not be in perfect peace and fulfillment.

This is the cause of material, lower ego, desires of the Nafs. The steam that wishes to vent through your heart, as love in expression, is looking for another porthole, but is not able to escape. So instead of having unlimited energy to do the things you want to do, your energy is wasted on desiring things that are not real. That is how the Nafs distracts us from the unfulfilled needs. If you where to find you path, then the river of energy would continually increase, both in giving and receiving what you seek.

And this I say to you not only from the teachings, but my own experience having been in business, and then retiring as a hermit, causing great pain in my life for many years because I denied my destiny in the world, and now finally returning to my destiny as a teacher. The joy and energy is inexplicable. You can find this too, but you must work at it.

If it is the hearts destiny to become open through love,
It first has to bleed in the operation.

So you must find a means of expressing your creativity in order to begin to live. I have felt for many years in my youth, and have heard from others, that my skin is to small. Now I see that it was not my skin that was tight, but rather the containment of the power within, which was growing and not let out as fast as it grew.

This brings to my mind the explanation of apathy, a lack of interest in life or anything. If we do not vent the desires and love, but it continues to grow as we have here described, you can see how you would explode. In order to prevent this from happening, the flow stops growing and eventually we no longer feel the desire to do anything because we are not constantly being propelled to ease our inner pain. So all interests are lost. It becomes the comfy life in the warm bed with the thick feather blanket and warm fire. Why get up to face the cold air?

The warmth is the comfort of knowing you will not be hurt, heartbroken, and you avoid entering the world and love. Isolating yourself from taking the opportunities life offers to prevent the possibility of pain. The cold is the chance that you may feel attached, and fall or be dropped.

By opening the gates of your heart, you will allow the river to begin to flow again. This can be aided in its development by doing the teaching I gave you on doing for the sake of doing. The teaching where if you see something and think of someone, just immediately act on it and get it for them. (lesson included below)

This is the same as the attainment of the qualities of honesty, responsibility and other traits we seekers of Truth wish to attain. How to attain them is not simply by doing them, but rather by self observation and eliminating identification. Different practices, seemingly unrelated, but those practices develop and refine your inner being so that the good qualities naturally emerge.

You cannot become honest or reliable. Either you are born to be that way or not. I hope that we are all born that way. Then we lose or rather cover up and disregard those characteristics. Now all we need do is uncover them again by eliminating the sleep state. As we wake up, we will be good people, we will not be able to avoid being good and attaining the higher qualities, or rather expressing them. Love will become natural to give and to receive.

But the work lies in your hands, in waking up.

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