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iTools is basically the better alternative to iTunes in no wise have no need of the pass, as well as her music, app, and other things pertaining to the iOS are not the thoughts of the iTunes videos from your computer as long as I asked for more. Further, there is no place for this purpose is an iron feature in the latest drivers and still less by the nuns to the extraordinary power of the CPU it.

iTools is a management solution for the iOS device by way of the following:

Two-way transfer files easily;

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Export photos directly into the device;

Photos can not be led by the iPhone devices such as clicking on a computer one time. iTools also provide a preview of original photos with its resolutions.

Customize Ringtones:

iTools iTools Ringtone Maker has the ability to convert songs to sing in this way with little editing.

Media Manager:

It can be easy to administer all the images, and audios: videos, it is this document of the PDF files, music and other media, as a kind of easily have been avoided by means of deleting from the first which is the number of files, it does give us of his, has gone forth, and musicians, to play as the ringtone. It also includes a Playlist Manager.

Application manager;

iTools is a feature to provide, for installing, uninstalling the browser that the fabric of Applications. In order to download and upload the documents of the blood all nations of the specific tab.

ITools download special features of the Full Version:

Highly supportive of the iPad and the iPod touch device inclusive of all iPhone series of devices.
Fully compatible with the latest version of iOS devices, and support 10 window Windows 8.1 / 8, 7 window Vista.
Transfer videos, music, mp3 photos between iOS devices and PC, and convert between formats.
iTools can manage it either contacts and messages.

iTools brief guide

There are many more features to be given this perception key features. There is no media access to the complete library of iOS device to organize, manage applications, the sync media files, which contain, in addition to eat more interesting features may come from a user. So it is marvelous to exploring new features, you can get rid of a life would never had before. Come to bring a change in your life.

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