The mesmerizing Italy is studded across with an assortment of unique and ancient travel gems across the country. A view at the ancient architectural remnants, the lush green Tuscan green belt, the picturesque Lake district, the fine art galleries fills one with an experience of a lifetime. Secretly cherish a wish to enjoy such enriching experience through a trip to Italy? Hide no more. With an Italy tourist visa, liven up your dream. Bearing a valid Italy visa will make you eligible to enter the country for sightseeing. The visa typically falls under Type C Schengen short-stay visa. You may be granted the Italy visa for a maximum span of 90 days. Indians are required to hold a valid Italy tourist visa to enter the country.
Travel when you have the right opportunity and age. Italy never fails to bewilder travelers. Apply for Italy tourist visa to explore the gorgeous tourist destinations like Rome, Florence, Positano, Venice, Milan etc. Through this short blog, we intend to share some ideas about the document requirements for Italy visa application process. Jump into the next section to get a comprehensive knowledge about the document checklist.
1. Original Passport with a validity of 6 months
2. 3 Photographs 35–45 mm in width, white background, 70 to 80% face visible
3. Overseas travel medical insurance valid for all Schengen-countries. The insurance must cover travel period + 2 additional days with coverage of Euros 30000 inclusive of a repatriation clause. Minimum 10 days insurance is mandatory from the travel date.
4. Bank statements
5. Pay Slips.
6. Income Tax Returns.
7. Hotel bookings and return flight reservation.
8. Marriage Certificate if married.
9. In case of Minor traveling with any one parent or with a third party: Affidavit from the parent/s stating that he/she has no objection to the travel of the minor.
10. In case of sponsor: Invitation letter from Italy (Lettera d’invito) accompanied by a copy of identification
Other than the document checklist there are other essential details you must be chapter and verse with to apply for an Italy tourist visa. A detailed reading of the article may help you understand more about Italy tourist visa application process for Indians.

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