Italy has a favorable environment for business that leads to the visit of business travelers to the country to a great extent. Travelers apply for Italy business visa to gain access to the country for various business purposes like meeting their business clients, participating in trade fairs and conferences, organizing promotional events. Indian passport holders are required to have a valid Italy business visa.
In order to apply for Italy visa, you must go through the official websites related to Italy visa and look for information about the visa requirements, how to schedule an appointment, where to submit an application and how to download Italian visa application form. You may land up taking professional help from visa agents in this process as completing it all by yourself could be cumbersome. The blog is meant for first-time travelers and experienced rovers who are planning for a trip to Italy and few important steps are categorized below as a run in of the visa application protocols.
Italy Business Visa Process
• Decide the visa type according to your purpose of travel [For example: If you are traveling for business, select business visa as your visa type, If you are traveling solely for tourism, you must apply under a tourist visa. If you are planning to visit relatives in Italy, you must apply under visiting family members/relatives category]
• After deciding the visa category based on your trip purpose, schedule Italy visa appointment with the authorized facilitation center. While scheduling an appointment you can select your nearest location. For the southern region, the application goes to Consulate General of Italy in Mumbai.
• Download the application form and the checklist for Italy visa from the Embassy website and accumulate everything as per the guidelines.
• Submit all the documents and provide the biometric at the facilitation center after gathering the required documents and pay the visa fee there.
• After submission, you will be given a tracking number to check the status of your application until the Italy tourist visa process is completed.
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